I want prices to show in £ rather than $

Mr_PogleMr_Pogle Member Posts: 13
As per the title, how do I change settings to show set prices in £ instead of $. I know it's going to be a really simple answer but hey-ho........
Thanks in advance


  • TarDomoTarDomo FinlandMember Posts: 515
    If you live outside the UK you only need to insert the country in the right corner as the UK.
  • Mr_PogleMr_Pogle Member Posts: 13
    But I live in the uk, and prices are showing in $. My profile shows me as being in UK but all "my collection' shows as $'s. As i said, i'm probably missing something so simple d'oh!
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,441
    Do you see a Union Jack flag in the top right corner or the Stars and Stripes?

    Click on it to change it if needed.
  • Mr_PogleMr_Pogle Member Posts: 13
    Top right shows my name "Mr Pogle" and "Log out" but no flags.
  • Mr_PogleMr_Pogle Member Posts: 13
    Sorted! I logged in on my ipad and immediately saw where the 'flag' was supposed to be. I went back to my mac and clicked in the blank space (where the flag should be) and a 'flag choice' box appeared. I clicked on the Union Jack, even though it was already the chosen one, and the flag then appeared at top right of page next to 'sign out'.
    I did however notice something else before 'finding' the flag, my collection summary showed nothing in my collection! Weird.
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