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FT/FS and My wants and haves

Bob123Bob123 Member Posts: 46
edited April 2015 in Marketplace

I have a list of wants that I am willing to trade for or buy. I live in the US and would rather do trading in the US, but I can do it in other countries

I do not want the boxes or insturctions, But it's ok if you have them

Here are my wants
#7009 The Final Joust
#7037 Tower Raid
#7040 Dwarves mine defender
#7078 Kings Chariot 
#7079 Drawbridge Defense
#7090 Cross bow attack
#7948 Outpost Attack
#7949 Carriage rescue 
#7959 Knights showdown 
#10223 Kingdoms Joust
#70403 Dragon Mountain
All Prince of Persia sets.
#21116 Crafting box
#9471 Uruk-Hai Army
#9474 The Battle of Helms Deep
#9476 The Orc Forge
#5000202 Elrond 
#7015 Viking vs Wolf
#7016 Viking boat vs dragon
#7017 Viking Catapult vs Dragon
#7019 Viking Fort
#7020 Army of Vikings

Revolutionary Soldier (the patriot guy)
Roman Soldier
Roman Centurion
Hun Warrior
Forest Maiden
Egyptian Warrior

Heres a list of my haves for trade

#8078 Portal of Atlantis 
#8061 Gateway of the squid
#70500 Kai's Fire Mech
#70501 Warrior Bike
#70502 Coles Earth Driller 
#70503 The Golden Dragon
#70504 Garmatron
#70505 Temple of Light
#70720 Hover Hunter
#70721 Kai Fighter
#70722 OverBorg Attack
#70723 Thunder Raider
#70724 NinjaCopter
#5001121 BR Lego Minifigure
#6865 Captain America's Avenging Cycle
#6867 Lokis Cosmic Cube Escape
#6868 Hulks Helicarrier Breakout
#6863 Batwing Battle over Gotham City
#76000 Artuc Batman vs Mr Freeze
#76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase
#7962 Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba's Podracers

I also have all the Simpsons CMFs also.

All sets I have are complete with all parts. No box or insturctions.


  • SolariousSolarious Member Posts: 317
    I have the Uruk-Hai Army set as well as 2 Weathertops if you are interested
    The blocks have been long blown up into my parts boxes but I'm sure I can pull them together if you want
    And the figs are easily pulled out if that's all you want

    You seem to be going for a castle/medieval theme- I also have at least 1 CMF Knight and some wizards too. Also some HP stuff and maybe even some from when I was a kid in the 90's if I dig a little

    I would be interested myself in the Cosmic Cube Chase (don't really need the figs though) or Hulk Helicarrier Breakout (again, don't need Loki or Hawkeye)
    I'd also maybe be into the Temple of Light but don't really have any use for the big mech thing
  • SolariousSolarious Member Posts: 317
    Oops- I meant to PM that
    Just the habit of hitting the normal comment section I guess

    I also forgot to mention that I'm always looking for loose parts too
    I can send you a list of my most wanted items if you want. There's nothing too weird.
  • Bob123Bob123 Member Posts: 46
    Ok. I'm interested in the two weather tops, the Uruk-Hai Army and the CMF knight. I'm not interested in the HP stuff though. For the three sets I would prefer the Uruk-Hai army one to be built and the two weather tops are fine the way they are as long as all sets are complete. I'd definitely trade the two Marvel sets and the temple of light for what you have.
  • SolariousSolarious Member Posts: 317
    Alright, I think I'd be down for that but you are going to have to give me a few days to see if I can pull it all together if that's all good

    Just out of curiosity, why would you like that one particular set built and not the others?
    Display purposes?
  • Bob123Bob123 Member Posts: 46
    That's fine man. I'm on vacation right now and could ship when I get back. Yes the Uruk-Hai army set is for disply purposes. The rest I'll use for MOCs, especially the Minifigures.
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