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Minimalist Lego- what tiny dreams are made of

SonicSonic CanadaMember Posts: 7
Hello everyone!

Lately I've become obsessed with everything Lego minimalist. I would love to build some of the pieces, but I don't know what parts they're comprised of! I'm not exactly one who's good at reverse engineering. Can anyone help with a link to a list of parts for these??


  • ricecakericecake Maryland, USAMember Posts: 879
    It's not quite the same model, but there was an official polybag of the Batman Tumbler:
    #30300 The Batman Tumber
    The other ones you posted are quite neat!  I especially like the Akira bike one ;-)
  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,939
    Where did you find the images? If they're on Flickr, MOCpages, etc, it's always worth asking the creator if they have instructions, an LDD file or just general pointers.
  • SonicSonic CanadaMember Posts: 7
    I usually find them on design sites like The Fancy or Pinterest so it's not always easy to track them down, however I'll keep an eye out for the creators! Thank you plasmodium. And yes ricecake, the Akira bike!! Must have!
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Amsterdam, NederlandMember Posts: 1,399
    I am a big fan of Akira! That bike is NICE! And this micro build is surprisingly excellent.
    Oops, already forgot how iconic BTTF is here among many AFOLS, and that DeLorean. At first I thought: is that greyish car supposed to be the James Bond Lotus Esprit submarine sports car or something? (from The Spy Who Loved Me) (even though that one was white)

  • vitreolumvitreolum RomaniaMember Posts: 1,406
    The tumbler is Tiler's I believe, he's got a lot of other micro builds you may enjoy:

    The echo base is Rod's[email protected]/

    He's also made some other fantastic sw micros; cloud city, endor, lars homestead among others.

    Don't know the others.

  • binaryeyebinaryeye USMember Posts: 1,734
    You might like MicroBricks.
  • woony2woony2 UKMember Posts: 336
    edited April 2015
    Or try this for space related stuff

  • SonicSonic CanadaMember Posts: 7
    You guys aren't making this any easier- I'm loving all of these incredible sets!! I can't help but wonder about the creative process though, because these artists have to have a working knowledge of every Lego piece in existence and then build something that fits together so perfectly! I hope they're not too secretive and won't mind spreading the love. I wouldn't mind spending a few bucks on a PDF to support them either.
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    The mini tumbler is Tiler's. He posted a breakdown and parts list.

    I too love micro/mini builds. I'm no builder really, but I really appreciate the lego parts knowledge, and creative use of single elements that evoke the original models.

    A great example (perhaps the best I've seen) are the side parts for this teeny tumbler. Also, the fact the the canopy opens is an incredible feat of part selection (or a fantastic coincidence).
  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    That Cloud City though…
    vitreolum said:
    He's also made some other fantastic sw micros; cloud city, endor, lars homestead among others.

  • bkprbkpr Texas, USAMember Posts: 295
    bkpr said:
    A great example (perhaps the best I've seen) are the side parts for this teeny tumbler
    Maybe I stand corrected…
  • SonicSonic CanadaMember Posts: 7

    Thank you bkpr!! Now I just have to see if there are instructions for the other ones. If this the Arvo brothers’ Kaneda bike build gets too ridiculous, I might just have to stick to minimalist Lego! One of my favourites (that I was able to buy on eBay) was the 2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar! Not only is it a great idea since you get Lego instead of chocolate, but the designs on the ships are fantastic. I wonder if Tiler would accept a challenge (or perhaps more diplomatically, a suggestion) to build a minimalist version of Baloo’s seaplane from Tailspin!  

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