FT - US Mars Exploration Rover

Gooch21Gooch21 Member Posts: 8
Hello . I have set # 7471 Mars exploration rover and I would like to try to trade it . The set is NIB though as you can see in the photos two side seals were opened by me at first because I thought they looked sketchy at first when I bought it . After opening the two side seals I realized that it had two more in the front that were clean so I left it sealed. This you can also see in the photos.

Pictures :  http://imgur.com/a/khw0b

Things I'm interested in . 

Brickset wants list : http://brickset.com/sets/wantedby-Gooch21

I would also be interested in groups of exclusives etc. Pretty much open to interesting or rare offers. I am willing to verify contents of the box upon shipping if that's what you want . I also have a strong feedback history in a trading sub on another website I can share with curious parties by PM. Thanks for reading and sorry if you have to paste the links, it's my first time posting a trade here.


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