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pirates ahoy lego expo sydney australia booklet

So as the title says, I found one in one of my old lego chests in mint condition - it was kept with 1980's lego catalogues in a plastic sleeved folder.  My question is, how would I value this item??


  • hewmanhewman Member Posts: 93
    The catalogue pages themselves aren't worth much (if I'm wrong I'm sitting on a gold mine). Is the Pirates Ahoy from one of the World Shows that Lego used to run? Is it a multiple pages showing photos of an exhibition this was bought at?
    On bricklink, there aren't any for sale or recently sold but 7 people have it on their wanted lists which isn't massive demand but it'd probably sell if priced right. I've paid anywhere from $5-$12 for these kind of books.

  • mii11xmii11x Member Posts: 18
    edited March 2015
    Yeah, I thought it was late 80's but have since been informed its 1991.  It was Sydney Expo held at Centrepoint Tower(now Sydney Tower).  I remember you sort of read it as you walked through the exhibition to help tell the story.  It did bring back memories, I also dug up some old 35mm film photo's I have after reading it. Quite nostalgic.

    Yeah I noticed its not wanted by many, are catalogues in general a sort after item??

  • hewmanhewman Member Posts: 93
    I sent you a message if you check your inbox. The enjoyment of nostalgia from going through old catalogues is probably more valuable than the small amount of money you'll get for them. 
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