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Help in valuing Modulars for sale (UK)

jamiestjamiest englandMember Posts: 37
edited March 2015 in Buying & Selling Topics
Hi all,

Looking to sell my set of modulars, but after some help to value them first!

Cafe corner 
Market Street 
Green grocer 
Fire Brigade 
Grand Emporium
Town Hall

I do have Pet Shop, Palace Cinema, and Parisian Restaurant, but as these are still in production, there doesn't seem any point in selling.

I don't really know what their worth, and so would ask for help to value these?

Cafe Corner
Brick linked without box or instructions
- LBG door is used. I stuck the two parts together from 2 separate doors to make the correct colour (I had these spare!). Looks as should, but obviously not new.
- white panels on second floor are new type with support
- parrots are old dark grey, not dark blue grey
- blue arch is used
- Red slopes are correct colour - purchased before pet shop came out
- I'm not sure if there are variations of the black frames, and white windows, but i'm sure there are correct.
- Other than pieces mentioned, I'm sure all other parts are new
- includes all minifigs

Market Street
Brick linked without box or instructions
- 2 x blue arches at rear are tan (other 2 are used, but good)
- white hoses are not the tab type (used, but not yellowed)
- grey antenna on bottom is 5l, not 5.5 (I think, I will check)
- white windows are not the train type, but look the same from outside
- has all correct doors (very good condition)
- includes all minifigs
- Other than pieces mentioned, I'm sure all other parts are new

Green Grocer
Brick linked without box or instructions
- I used 1x4 sand green, instead of 1x8. Doesn't affect it structurally at all
- grey corner slope pieces on left side are used (noticed they had yellowed whilst in storage!)
- I'm sure all other pieces are new
- includes all minifigs and acc.

I welcome any comments if you can help me, or if you think there may be any mistakes.

Fire Brigade, Grand Emporium & Town Hall were purchased new from LEGO, and built once only - never displayed over a week.
All include box and instructions.

Will sell separately, or combined.
Ideally, I would like these collected (I'm in Cleethorpes), but can post to UK only.

Thanks very much in advance for any help.



  • DawnDawn GoldMember Posts: 247

    You mentioned some pieces are new and some are used. If you built the modulars (and seems like you did based on your pictures) from a resale stand point, all pieces are now considered used.

    I think those sets without boxes and instructions and with substitutions of the most expensive parts might fetch about 50-70% of a regular used set. You can use the BrickLink price guide like for 10185 only one sold (in GBP) in the past 6 months for GBP 450

  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,228
    Once a set is built, it is no longer considered new. From there you can grade the quality of the used sets.
  • jamiestjamiest englandMember Posts: 37
    edited March 2015
    Thanks for replies. Just to reiterate, when calling pieces new, I mean they were purchased as new, and not used (chewed bent etc), mostly direct from Lego. I was just trying to give an indication of the condition of the sets, and not trying to sell them as 'new' sets.
    As they don't have all the original pieces, I thought I would ask here, as I cannot compare this to other used sets, unless they were identical. :)

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