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New way for AFOLs to tour Billund LEGO Factory and Idea House

mrbradfordmrbradford Fort Worth, Texas, USAMember Posts: 45

Today on the LEGO Ambassador Network Forum, a new opportunity for RLUG (Recognized LEGO User Group) Members was made public. The short of it is, AFOLs who are RLUG Members can now visit the Billund LEGO factory and Idea House without having to pay the expense of the Inside Tour (albeit the Inside Tour has other benefits).

In a nutshell, your RLUG Management will agree on a tour date with group of between 12-40 AFOL's. Depending on timing and availability, enjoy the following at no cost (except your obvious travel expenses):

  • Guided tour at the moulding factory Kornmarken
  • Visit to the Employee Store (Mo. – Fr., for big groups preferably Monday morning, no shipping of bought goods)
  • Guided tour at the LEGO Idea House
  • 1 meal for all visitors provided by the CEE team
  • Presentation by a LEGO Designer or similar

The complete policy for this new opportunity is publicly available here:

This opportunity is another great reason to join an RLUG!



  • mrbradfordmrbradford Fort Worth, Texas, USAMember Posts: 45
    Forgot to add...if you haven't seen my factory tour and Idea House tour videos from my visit last month, you can see them here and here
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation UKMember Posts: 5,577
    edited March 2015
    That's great news! I hope my LUG organises a trip soon!
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