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FS: Skiving Snackboxes, extendable ears and dungbombs (UK)

PhoneboothPhonebooth Member Posts: 1,430

After much consideration, it's time to move my Harry Potter collection.  Everything below has been owned/built/displayed by an adult owner - so no worries here about buying a HP set that's been played to death. 

I'd prefer to sell this as an entire lot:

#4865 - Forbidden Forest (no box)

#4866 - Knight Bus

#4867 - Hogwarts (castle extension)

#10217 - Diagon Alley (no box)

#4736 - Freeing Dobby (no box)

#4737 - Quidditch Match

#4738 - Hagrid's Hut

#4840 - The Burrow

#4841 - Hogwarts Express

#4842 - Hogwarts Castle

+extras - Hermione minifig; mostly complete Freeing Dobby, other spares...

Unless noted above, all sets are 99.99-100% complete, with box and instructions.  I say 99.99% complete as I haven't had time to fully inventory them and there is the very small chance that a flame or some other small piece found a new home on the floor or under the bed. 

At 'average' ebay prices, this lot totalled £877 without shipping. 

I'm asking £700 which represents 20% off ebay prices.

I'm located in London (SW4).


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