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Broken Pieces

Just curious how often you guys have pieces for sets break on you?

Its a bit weird - I have had quite a few parts break on sets which are hardly used at all.  Set 9450 hasn't really been played with at all and set 2506 a handful of times.

faulty parts on two of my Ninjago sets :-

set 9450 - two of part 6006740 used to attached the claws to the wing, 4610948 for the joints on the legs split (side of mount to support the ball cracked).
set 2506 - three part 6030718 which is mounted on the side of the engine failed (i.e. cracked in half)

Granted sets were released a few years back but were bought as new in sealed boxes and bags from reputable sellers on eBay.  Could the way they were kept have caused the damage to the pieces or is likely a dodgy batch?  I really don't think wear and tear is to blame to be honest.
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