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Lego City sets for sale

NorlegoNorlego Member Posts: 449
Lego sets with box and manuals:
Lego 6776 (99% complete)
Lego City 7998 Heavy hauler (100% complete)
Lego City 7891 (100% complete)

Lego sets with manuals:
Lego 4526 Batman Super Heros (not complete)
Lego 6221 Hero Factory (not complete)
Lego 6862 Super Heros Superman (not complete. Manual missing cover.)
Lego City Town Hall 10184 (100% complete, only one manual)
Lego City 7244 Speedboat (99% complete)
Lego City 7246 Digger (100% complete)
Lego City Coastguard 7736 (100% complete)
Lego City Coastguard 7737 (100% complete)
Lego City 7731 Postvan (100% complete)
Lego Star Wars 7668 (100% complete)
Lego 3425 Football game (100% complete)

The lego is used, but in very good condition as the lego has been built but not played with that much.

I live near Lockerbie and could meet you in town if you are passing sometime. Cash is King, but can sell via Paypal. I would have to add Paypal and postage fees to the total. It would be cheaper to use bank transfer as then I only need to add postage. You would not have any insurance.

I buy job lots and sell them on. I do this for fun and to earn a bit of money, so if you do not wish to "line my pocket", please buy a job lot on Ebay/Gumtree....

I have another 40 sets that are not in perfect, but OK. They will have missing part
Lego sets with manuals:
Lego 79107 Lone Ranger
Lego 3816 Spongebob
Lego 3815 Spongebob
Lego City 3177
Lego City 4641
Lego City 4433
Lego City 4208
Lego Creator 6914
Lego Creator 6913
Lego Harry Potter 4736

Lego sets without manuals:
Lego Harry Potter 4755
Lego City 4436
Lego City 4441
Lego City 4432
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.