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Toys R Us...R U For Real?



  • CrowkillersCrowkillers Member Posts: 757

    ^Nice! Thanks for the info. Hope I'll run into a couple myself then. And yes, I shouldn't be starting on these either but Soundwave looks too good to pass up.

    I really didn't know anything about these until a friend had mentioned them a few weeks ago...

    I did a search on Toys R Us (50 mile Zip Code radius) and I do see that they are completely gone just about everywhere... I even used the zip of some bigger cities close by everyone is completely out... I also didn't realize there was another Masterpiece figure in Acid Storm(only $74.99) and I could only find one store anywhere close to me(about 30 miles) that had one in stock... Might as well use up another 15% coupon.. ;)
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Denver 4800 miles to BillundMember Posts: 2,571
    I received and email from TRU/Paypal giving me $10 off $50 if I paid by Paypal so I went looking and found the new Ghost Busters at RRP so I tried to buy it and the website said all stores in town were out of stock. I know that's not true because I was there browsing last weekend and they had plenty, so I thought same old TRU with their games.

    Went back and looked for #70814 Construct-o-mech and they had that for RRP so I decided to get it and save the $10. I left work after I got my confirmation email and went to TRU to pick it up. While I was waiting for them to actually get my set from the back I went and grabbed a #21108 Ghost Busters set off of the shelf because I was going to confront the girl at the counter about not being able to buy it with the coupon. I asked her why and she couldn't explain it but did offer to take $10 off at the register so I took her up on it and got that too. Kind of surprised me that she could do it but I'm not complaining.
  • canon03canon03 USAMember Posts: 335
    I had a large backlog of sets to acquire this year and didn't get around to purchasing any of the Pirates line.  However, when I saw TRU had them for 30% off Sunday, I submitted an order for "The Brick Bounty" #70413.  The status was "in stock" when ordering and for 3 days afterwards had the "items located in warehouse" status.

    I get an email yesterday stating my order was cancelled and upon contacting customer service, the reason was they ran out.  Evidently, my order was being fulfilled from inventory in local Toys R Us stock and not from the main warehouse.  Of course 3 days after the sale went live, they are sold out online and none within a 50 mile radius.

    I find it irritating it took 3 days to change the status from "items located in warehouse" to "cancelled" as I might have been able to pick up the set from another local TRU on Sunday.  If they're pulling from local stock, tell me that and I would just reserve and pick it up in store.

    All hope was not lost.  I located a single Brick Bounty at a local target and set out to attempt to price match.  However, when I got to the store, the only one they had was ripped open on the top (3 inch diameter hole).  I took it to customer service thinking I had a 50/50 shot at them price matching TRU since it wasn't available to ship.  They price matched, then gave me 10% off because of the box damage and I used the Target credit card for another 5% off.  The end result was a 30% off retail (including tax) pirate ship that wound up being 100% complete. 

    I saved $12 due to TRU shenanigans.
  • jadeirenejadeirene US, CaliforniaMember Posts: 475
    ^ I just checked my order status for the Brick Bounty that I ordered and it's also been cancelled.  I never even received a cancellation email.  I hope that I at least get my $20 of rewards back. 
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,435
    Another Bricksetter just told me their order was also cancelled.
  • 77ncaachamps77ncaachamps Aspiring Time Traveler Stuck in the West (US)Member Posts: 2,442
    Sounds like B&M is the safest route to go, especially when using rewards.
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