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My old lego

Long story cut short I have just got all my old lego (all in bits) from my parents house loft.
its a big plastic containers worth with all my old lego bits and bobs. Gotta be 30+ years old.
trying to sort it all out but would it be worth keeping and trying to build something out of it all which I would not no where to 
start or just somehow sell it on ?? What would you do 

and apologise if this is the wrong thread discussion  


  • NorlegoNorlego Member Posts: 449
    Find the figures and try and figure out what sets you have. Castle/pirates/Classic space/trains are all good sets to sell once built. If it is mainly Town, maybe just sell as a job lot, but I doubt you will get much. To get loaded you need to build sets and sell them alone or in bundles. If you turn up at a carboot with a box of vintage Lego you would get £30-50 for it. On ebay you will fare better.
    Post a photo of the figures you have as that will give an idea of sets.
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Member Posts: 2,683
    edited February 2015
    1. Keep it! 
    2. Clean it.
    3. Build it.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,764
    edited February 2015
    If we had a nickel every time someone has asked this :-)

    what I do with a lot of LEGO where I am unclear of what is in there (and any parts have been cleaned):
    First I use any instructions with the lot.
    If none, I grab all printed and sticker-ed brick and head over to bricklink to find out if I can find them in their catalog of parts as the part entry also listed the sets the part was found in.
    After than I grab any 'special' brick part that looks unique compared to the rest, and try to find that on bricklink as well.
    Next I look up the figures on bricklink if I still have figs and what appears to be enough parts left over to build a few sets (like vehicles) where maybe there are no unique parts in those sets and try to use those to figure out sets.
    Bricklink sellers also have the original instruction book as well, or you can print out copies from sites like (there is another I always forget it though unfortunately)
    It also helps if you have experience with older sets and also remember what you had when you were a kid (if you personal collection)
     Finally there is always bricklinkers/bricksetters here that can assist with helping you with any roadblocks and pics help.

    After that, well you kinda have to guess (but I doubt you will get past the bricksetters with your issue, but I find most of the sets worth rebuilding have printed, stickers, and or unique parts in them.

    Oh, and of course have fun going down memory lane when rebuilding your sets

  • landolando Member Posts: 108
    Thank you.. I have found all sorts of blocks it's all a mix up but there are a few printed blocks so I will head over to bricklink and try find them and go from there.. 
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