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I have Lego Castle Set 6090, 6079, 6078, and 6082 available for sale

socustomfittedsocustomfitted Member Posts: 4
edited October 2011 in Marketplace
These sets are used but include all the original parts, as well as the boxes and instruction manuals. They are in mint condition, and have basically been sitting in a cardboard box in storage for the past 15 years or so(fully constructed).

Set 6090 is the Royal Knight's Castle
Set 6079 is the Dark Forest Fortress
Set 6078 is the Royal Drawbridge
Set 6082 is the Fire Breathing Fortress

I would like a fair price for these as I've seen them being sold anywhere from $200-$500 and more for new and used. I'm only asking for $150 for the bigger sets(6090 and 6079) and maybe $100 for 6082, and $50 for the Drawbridge set.

I'm from Brooklyn, NY; I live on Ocean Parkway to be more specific. If anyone is local and would like to see them in person, that will be no problem. I am more than happy to take pictures for anyone who is interested.

I also have a bunch of various ninja figures.

Thanks for reading
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