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Batman SH025 and SH025A - cowl the only difference?

I'm trying to piece together some of my missing superheroes, and I see that there is a Batman SH025 and Batman SH025A, and the only difference seems to be the cowl. What I'm having trouble with, though, is figuring out what sets the SH025A appeared in. I think the SH025 was only in the funhouse escape and batcave, but I could be wrong.

Was this one of those situations where there was just a subtle change made while the sets were packaged, and you just don't know what you're getting until you get it, or are these two distinct figures available in separate sets?


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,195
    If you look on bricklink, they say that it is an in set variant.
  • luckie_reubsluckie_reubs Member Posts: 299
    CCC said:

    If you look on bricklink, they say that it is an in set variant.

    Thanks; I was looking there, but I must've missed that note. I find that site so difficult to decipher sometimes, and I didn't see a note on the Brickset listing saying anything one way or another.
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