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Hello from the Southeast(of the US)

elderguardelderguard Member Posts: 7
edited February 2015 in Introduce yourself
My name is Elderguard and I love LEGO!

My favorite theme is the Marvel line but I have been playing with Lego since I was a kid 15 years ago so I have quite a few different sets!

Currently my favorite display set is 6615-1: Eagle Stunt Flyer


(Now for some shameless panhandling)
Although I mostly collect the Marvel line I missed out on grabbing Loki and Hawkeye from the Avengers sets so if there happens to be a kind soul who would like to sell me a moderately priced pair of them or a cheap set with them I'd be ecstatic!


  • TarDomoTarDomo Member Posts: 515
    Welcome, @elderguard! That plane looks fun.
  • elderguardelderguard Member Posts: 7
    Thanks! It was a lot of fun to realize I still had *most* of the pieces to build it and feel how solid it was as a set. I am currently missing 2 wheel hub pieces, 1 tire, and one 2x2 wheel holder(terminology?).
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