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Free Lego Competition Time...

So with half term fast approaching in the UK I have made both my Hamington Chronicles Book (Fantasy Adventure Stories for 7-70 year olds) available for free between the 16th - 20th Feb.

To promote this event I would like to offer UK based Bricksetters (sorry rest of the world, please don't hold it against me, or let this stop you downloading the books, they are quite good and worth the read) a chance to win a pile of 9 polly bags, to be specific:

30141 - Alien Conquest
30271 - TMNT
30231 - Galaxy Squad
30017 - City Boat
30106 - Friends Ice Lolly Stand
30105 - Friends Stall
30116 - Princess Rapunzel
5002941 - Bionicle

To be in with a chance of winning this mix of lego goodness simply PM me the answer to the question at the bottom of this post (went a touch Douglas Adams there :) ) before midnight UK time on the 28th Feb 2015.

Please keep it to one entry per account and all correct answers will be assigned a randomly generated number and then after the close date a winning number will be plucked from a digital hat and I will contact the winner for postage details.

So, to recap:

1: Download a free book from between the 16th and 20th Feb
2: PM me the answer to a simple question
3: Wait to see if you won a nice pile of lego

The Question:

What is the name of Princess Olivia's cousin in Volume 2 of the Hamington Chronicles: Olivia and the Future Past?

the Amazon Links:

Hamington Chronicles Volume 1 -
Hamington Chronicles Volume 2 -

Best of luck and happy reading.



  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    The prize in all its lego polly bag glory
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    The books are free and I can see a few downloads already, so grab a book and PM me with the answer :)
    Exciting morning
  • Kevin_HyattKevin_Hyatt UKMember Posts: 778
    edited February 2015
    The link for vol1 is Amazon Italy and it won't let me download it? Got vol2 OK but don't want to read that one before vol1 or doesn't it matter which order I read them in?

    And thanks for the free books!
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    hi @Kevin_Hyatt . Just spotted that myself, no idea how I ended up with the Italian link but there you go. The UK one is -

    Thanks loads
  • Kevin_HyattKevin_Hyatt UKMember Posts: 778
    Seems I've already bought it in July last year!
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Morning bump, lots of activity yesterday which is great, would love even more today, thanks loads.

    @Kevin_Hyatt it is best to read volume 1 before 2 but not essential in this case. volume 1 serves to add background and there are some references to events in it, but nothing that detracts for the individual stories in volume 2. Jumping forward to the summer when I hope volume 3 is out then it will be essential to read volume 2 first, but that's running ahead a bit :)
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Although free lego is a great driver, obviously I am really trying to promote my books and yesterday saw enough downloads of both volumes to get them onto one of the Amazon charts, which is great, now to get the number 1 & 2 slots :)
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Free books, free lego... What's not to like

    Slightly slower day today but still a healthy number of downloads and... Drumroll please... I received the first PM entry for the completion as well - awesome
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Start of day three of the promo. Yesterday ended with one less download than Monday which was a great effort. More of the same today and keep those entries coming in.

    Also as a bit of a laugh I did an interview for a forum podcast on SWFUK at the weekend and my dulcet tones can be heard around the 1:57.00 mark for about 20 mins -

  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Half way through the free download period now, quiet day overall so far so don't forget to get downloading and then PM me the answer to the question set at the top of the thread.
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Morning numb and a reminder that ther are only 48hrs of free book downloads, although the entry date for the completion is the 28th Feb
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Evening bump, been a quiet day for downloads today, and on competition entries. Only 1 day left of free books but the competition is open until the 28th.
    Keep em coming
  • BlufogBlufog Member Posts: 1
    Thanks for the free book! I shall read and enter the competition
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    ^ lovely and a timely reminder today is the last day to get the books for free. they will be jumping back up to the heady price of 99p from tomorrow :)

    Thanks loads
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Well, if you can't afford a HeliCarrier and I susspect that is many of us, fear not my books are free and with added free lego if you enter the completion.... Free stuff, always better than spending £260 :)
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Hard as it might be to forget but remember to get your competion entries in by the end of the day on the 28th to be in with a chance of winning this little pile of lego goodness.
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Only two days left to get you competition entries in.
    thanks loads
  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,815
    I read the first book on my train commute home today. It was a fun read with some cool new ideas regarding dragons and trolls. I especially enjoyed the idea of dragons migrating, and the subsequent 'fallout' ;) . I'll have to crack on with the second book as I hadn't remembered what the question was!
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,543
    Sorry for this off-topic comment, but: 

    Scanning the thread titles, i read this one as 'Free Lego Space-Time Continuum'.  I have no idea where that came from (the misread, i mean. Although, granted, the origins of the space-time continuum can also be a pickle too).

    Anyway, best of luck with the books! I keep thinking about writing myself...

    ...but I worry i won't reply! ;oD

  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Well folks, last day to get your entries in.
    best of luck.
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    1:45 mins left
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    And the winner is.....

    @carlq with the randomly generated winning number of 72 as pulled out of the digital hat by my daughter while making pizzas at breakfast.

    thanks loads
  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,950
    ...while making pizzas at breakfast.

    Sounds like you do breakfast right in the Monkey Roo household...
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Indeed. I must set the record straight and say this was a one off. the Kids aunt has been staying all week and today was the last day so they went a bit nuts, although when you break it down a pizza is no worse than a full English or a continental buffet, not that I partook :)
  • carlqcarlq Ruislip Manor, MiddlesexMember Posts: 792

    I just wanted to thank @monkey_roo for running this competition. I received my prize this morning, perfectly packed, and it has made my weekend. I hope your books continue to rise in popularity, Matt, and I will certainly be buying the next one when it comes out! :-) 

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