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Help in building set 21017 (Imperial Hotel)


I need some advice in completing the Imperial Hotel Architecture set (#21017).
Unfortunately is the first architecture set that gave me problems.
I backtracked a couple of times the building sequence but to no avail...

Please be patient with me if I don't use the precise terminology (and please correct my errors if needed!)

My problem is after step 93 of the instruction booklet.
I've built the roofs of the hotel wings and the gray roof of the central building. But I'm not able to fit the tan bricks of step 94 on the back of the building.

It doesn't work because there is a little gap between the back wall of the hotel and the "roof" of the central building (placed during step 81). This gap messes up the placement of the cover bricks of #94.

My first impression is that the gap shouldn't be there, but it's a bit difficult to see the back of the set in the instructions.
Yet the central roof rests on the pillars of step 64, and if you place them like in the instructions, there should be a small gap from the horizontal pillar to the back wall...

I hope it was not too confusing. I've tried looking for some video sequences but all of them are in fast forward mode.
Thanks in advance for any tip or advice.



  • MorkManMorkMan Phoenix, Arizona, USA.Member Posts: 898
    How about a picture?
  • ricecakericecake Maryland, USAMember Posts: 879
    I built it successfully a while ago so I don't remember having any difficulties, but if you post a picture showing the problem then I might be able to take a picture of my completed set to see what the difference is.
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