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2015 seasonal sets

Couldn't find a thread for these, but if there is one I am sure some kind soul will merge it in.

Just finished building the Valantines set with the kids and wife this morning (1 each) and they are lovely (the sets that is :) ). We already know what the Eater set looks like, and again it looks great.

But what about the others?

I can see the Haloween set being some sort of haunted doorway with a child trick or treating and an adult with a bowl of sweets answering the door. And the Thanks Giving set as some sort of family dinner, pumpkin pie, Turkey and people enjoying a good family meal. But what about the winter sets? Assuming there will be two like last year, or even one, I wonder how they will differentiate from past Christmas themed vinigetes? Specifically I am thinking of the two exclusives from 2012. There is plenty of scope for mini sets, building snowmen, santa down a chimney etc. but I think these could be the hardest to give a unique feel to.

Anyway,must sharing a thought.


  • TarDomoTarDomo FinlandMember Posts: 515
    Licenced seasonal sets! Darh Vader´s helmet pumpkin would be cool.
  • TK2012WSWTK2012WSW United StatesMember Posts: 37
    Any clues on what the next sets will be after Valentine's Day / Easter?
  • dannyrwwdannyrww WisconsinMember Posts: 1,292
    Would be nice to see a Summer set, but my guess is we will see Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas......what di we get last year: A Bat, a Turkey, and a Reindeer right? Am I missing anything.... just looking for a pattern...I was kind of hoping we would get a preview with the Easter set like we did with the valentines set.
  • TK2012WSWTK2012WSW United StatesMember Posts: 37
    Would be nice to have a New Year set with some kind of ball drop.
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