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US [H] Star Wars Advent Figures, Super Heroes, More [W] DVD Batzarro

vriverajr3vriverajr3 Member Posts: 133

Looking for the DVD exclusive Batzarrow figure


* x2 black/red Forest ambush knights(70400)
* MF x1 Rodney Rathbone
* MF x1 Frank Rock
* MF x1 Ann Lee
* Frodo Baggins(set 9469)
* Friends Hedgehog(just the animal)
* Galaxy squad chuck stonebreaker
* Mixels series 3-Glurt
* Mixels series 3-Footi
* Ninjago rbooted Zane(From encyclopedia)
* 21012 Architecture Sydney Opera House
* x1 TRU Exclusive Dareth vs Nindroid Polybags

-----LEGO MOVIE-----

* ghost vitruvius with staff(70818)
* emmet with waffle(70818)
* lord business(70818)
* unikitty with alt face(70818)
* super angry kitty(70817)
* robo skeleton(70817)

-----Super heroes-----

* Plasticman polybag
* Bruce Wayne (6860)
* The flash(76026)
* 3x Rocket Raccoon Polybags
* Sentinel(76022)
* x3 spiderman
* aldrich killian
* TMNT x2 foot soldier
* TMNT Karai(79118)
* Cop(76015)
* blue/grey Batman with blue wings(6858)(no cowl)
* batman( dark blue cowl/cape) 6860
* Batwing Polybag(30301)
* Deadpool Helicopter & bike only(6866)
* Batcave 6860(no minifigures)

-----Star Wars-----

* snowtrooper commander(75054)
* x2 snowtrooper(75054)
* general veers(75054)
* at-at driver(75054)
* Santa Vader+toy bag(2014 advent calendar)
* Xmas tree R2-D2(2014 advent calendar)
* luke skywalker(2014 advent calendar)
* clone trooper+guns+santa hat+mug(2014 advent calendar)
* rebel pilot(2014 advent calendar)
* snowspeeder pilot(75074)
* tie pilot(2014 advent calendar)
* tie pilot(75031)
* general rieekan(2014 advent calendar)
* Classic Luke Skywalker(2014 book exclusive)
* x2 Stormtroopers
* ARC-170 Starfighter polybag(30247)
* Dack(2014)
* R5-D8(9493)
* R5-J2(9492)
* tie pilot(9492)
* death star trooper(9492)
* imperial officer(9492)
* imperial crew(75033)
* death star troopers(75034) Will trade complete set, or just figures if requested.

-----Lone Ranger-----

* Rebecca Redi

-----Collectible Minifigures-----

* s13 x1 fencer
* s13 x1 goblin
* s13 x2 egypt warrior

* S12 x2 space miner
* S12 x2 dino tracker
* S12 x3 pizza guy
* S12 x1 princess
* S12 x1 video gamer
* S12 x1 swashbuckler
* S12 x2 life guard
* S12 x1 spooky girl
* S12 x1 rock star

* x2 Homer
* x3 lisa
* x1 bart
* x1 krusty
* x1 nelson
* x1 ned flanders
* x1 Marge
* x1 apu
* x1 grandpa simpson
* x1 itchy

* s11 x3 mountain climber
* s11 x4 welder
* s11 x2 constable officer

* s9 Mr good and Evil

* s10 x2 Biker
* s10 x1 revolution soldier
* s10 x2 baseball player

* s5 x1 eskimo


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