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Lego Classic Space Sets w/ Slipcover Boxes

Cicada88Cicada88 Member Posts: 10
Hello. I am new around here and I was wondering if some members could help me compile a list of lego Classic space sets that have the slipcover with cardboard tray style packaging (i.e. Not tear open style or the big type with flap / window).

From looking around I know the following sets are of this style:

6927 All-Terrain Vehicle (1981)

6890-1 Cosmic Cruiser (1982)



  • Cicada88Cicada88 Member Posts: 10
    Found another

    918-1 One Man Space Ship (1979)
  • bobabricksbobabricks Member Posts: 1,842
    The best way I found to find them is looking at BrickLink listings and there will most likely be owner's pictures with boxes or listings saying "includes inner tray"
  • legomaniaclegomaniac Member Posts: 12
    Pre-classic space 565-1 moon landing
  • Cicada88Cicada88 Member Posts: 10
    edited February 2015
    Yes, I think all 3 Pre-classic space sets had the style of box I am talking about.

    358 Rocket Base (1973)

    367 Space Module with Astronauts (1975)

    565 Moon Landing (1976)

    I was really only interested in Classic Space, but I think it's a good idea to mention these as well.
  • pd66pd66 Member Posts: 173
    #6926 Mobile Recovery Vehicle has that type of box - at least the one I have at home does.
  • Cicada88Cicada88 Member Posts: 10
    thanks pd66
  • hewmanhewman Member Posts: 93
    looking at my sets now, 6891, 6928 and 6901 can be added to your list. box type may vary by region too.
  • Cicada88Cicada88 Member Posts: 10
    thanks hewman!

  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    Of course the recent #5002812 has a cover slip box and is catalogued as classic space by BL, if you want to push your definition that far.
  • luckyrussluckyruss Member Posts: 872
    Seem to recall that #6884 did too. #6928 is the other set I can remember for sure has this type of box as confirmed by @hewman . I've also got #6893 and #6925 but can't picture the boxes (can check later), I think #6932 has a window.

    I have a mint box structurally for #6928 other than that some six year old has put a load of felt tip marks on it. If only I could go back and advise my younger self...
  • Cicada88Cicada88 Member Posts: 10
    The 6884 set that I have was tear open--but those are all futuron sets anyway. I didn't realize they were still making open ended slip cover style that late.

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