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[CAN/WW] [H] Iron Patriot Wolverine Magneto, Zombie driver +more [W] DC Superheroes food items +more

TheBrickTeenTheBrickTeen Member Posts: 12
edited February 2015 in Marketplace

I would prefer to trade within North America but will consider international for trades of higher quantity or desirability.
I haven't trade here yet but I have traded on Flickr and Swapfig and can provide feedback from there upon request.


Iron Patriot (figure and back accesories only)
Wolverine (76022 yellow and brown suit w/ hair, no mask)
Magneto (76022 w/ helmet, no hair)
5004076 Target Minifigure Gift Set minus Superboy (Box was slightly damaged during shipping with one tear and glue separation at two points but has been taped very discreetly)
Extremis soldier

Dwarf Spider Droid
Mace Windu (Clone Wars)
Clone Gunner
Clone Trooper with Sand Green Markings
Bomb Squad Trooper
R2-D2 (pre-2008)

Series 2 Surfer (Opened for display only)
Series 9 Policeman (Opened for display only)
Series 9 Chicken Suit Guy (Sealed)
Series 11 Scientist (Opened for display only)
CMF Emmet (Opened for display only)
CMF Lisa Simpson (Opened for display only)
CMF Krusty the Clown (Opened for display only)

Monster Fighters Zombie chauffer

30250 Ewar's Acro Fighter (Sealed)
76019 Starblaster Showdown (No minifigures)


Lex Luthor green armour (30164)
Nightwing (blue just need torso and head)
SH Robin (any excluding juniors version)
SH089 Batman (76012)
SH Bane (2012 batcave)

Food items (bananas, apples, cookies, 1x1 milk carton blocks, etc.)
3 stud long bar in Trans-blue, green or red x2
2x2 "Sailing ship painting" tile

30113 Stephanie’s Bakery Stand
41092-1: Stephanie's Pizzeria

Phase 1 Clone trooper captain (red)
Phase 1 Clone trooper commander (yellow)
Phase 1 Clone trooper lieutenant (blue)
Wookiee 2015 (75084)
Rebel Trooper (black vest white helmet)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (75040)
TIE Fighter Pilot (2014)
V-wing Pilot (2014)
X-Wing Pilot (75032)
Imperial Officer

The Lego Movie Robo SWAT (any type)
Power Miners 8908 and 8907
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