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Rocket Raccoon polybag in the UK

JayEmJayEm Member Posts: 62
Apologies if this is the wrong place for this. Just wondering if anyone in the UK knows whether the Rocket Raccoon polybags have started appearing in UK Toys R Us's yet, I heard a mention of it a couple months ago but nothing since. I know they're available on eBay for about £10, but I'd rather not resort to that if they could be available for half as much in stores here any time soon.


  • donutboydonutboy Member Posts: 758
    edited February 2015
    It seems that Toys R Us in the US still have loads of these polys in their stores that are just sitting there. I check the UK website every now and then and there seems to be no sign of them over here.
  • bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,716
    They had them at the TRU 'pop-up' store at 'Brick 2014' in London, at the end of November, but I haven't seen them in a regular UK TRU.
  • kyrotekkyrotek Member Posts: 212
    They have been found in Toysrus Chatham I believe and checking Southampton computers , they have a listing for them.
  • sonatine01sonatine01 Member Posts: 782
    Found them in Northampton TRU but that was back in December, I haven't been back since. It worked out cheaper for me to get them from TRU in the US, as long as you order at least 4 I think ?
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