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WTB/WTT UK - S12 and S13 CMF's + SW and SH Minifigures

suprajamessuprajames Member Posts: 366
Hi all, I am trying to finish both Series 12 and 13 CMF and hoping to either buy or trade the ones I need. Also trying to complete a couple of sets that are missing a few bits.


Series 12
Hun Warrior
Fairytale Princess
Spooky Girl

Series 13
Classic King
Hot Dog Man

Star Wars

SW040 - Royal Guard
SW131 - Scout Trooper Ep.3, 'Kashyyyk Trooper
SW133 - Mace Windu with Light-Up Lightsaber
SW189 - Clone Trooper Ep.3, Red Markings, White Hips 'Shock Trooper x 2

The SW189 I actually only need x 2 Helmets as have the rest, hoping someone might have just the spare two helmets.

DC Super Heroes

BAT002 - Batman, Black Suit
BAT004 - Two-Face with Black Stripe Hips
BAT006 - Two-Face's Henchman

Have to trade

Series 12 (All out of packet)
Pizza Delivery Guy
Battle Goddess

Series 13 (Packets opened to check)
Egyptian Warrior
Carpenter x 2
Galaxy Trooper

I have loads of all Daily Mail 2014 polybags, as well a few of the rarer bags, and some older sets covering a few themes, so PM what themes you would be interested in and I will see what I have. Just do not want to list them all.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.