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[US] Want to Trade: Time Cruisers sets [all minus #6497]

NateStraightNateStraight Member Posts: 13
edited February 2015 in Marketplace
Hi there,

I have a nearly complete series of Time Cruisers sets I'd like to trade if anyone will have them. It includes everything except #6497 Twisted Time Train. Two sets were the "limited" availability packaging with extras [which I also have]. I have all the instruction manuals, and pretty sure I have all the boxes [definitely the boxes for the two larger sets, and almost positive the rest as well]. These are not in "collector" condition even for opened sets, but they are in very good condition as I rarely "played" with them while I had them out years ago; they were mostly displayed, and then they've been in storage for about 10-12 years.

To be specific, I have:

#6491 Rocket Racer
#1853 [6492] Hypno Cruiser with weird purple storage tub thing
#6493 Flying Time Vessel
#6494 Magic Mountain Time Lab
#6496 Whirling Time Warper
#6499 [6495] Time Tunnelator with blow-molded "Time Machine"

I know these are not incredibly valuable sets; they also don't hold any real sentimental or part value to me. So, I'm willing to trade them for not an awful lot in return.

I collected space sets for many years, from original SP up to the UFO / aliens in the late 90s. I wouldn't mind some of the sets I'm missing, particularly from early Blacktron / Futuron.

With my son, I've started buying up some Creator / Friends houses and City vehicles and would love some more stuff along those lines; I've been focusing on "outdoor" themed sets: farms, beaches, mountains, etc. We've also been getting random western-themed / cowboy minifigs to go with the Lone Ranger Silver Mine we have, and it would be cool to have some more of the old or new [i.e. Lone Ranger] western sets.

My owned / wanted lists from BrickSet are here:

There's plenty beyond that, I'm sure, that I'd like to have.

Highest-interest wants are probably the large Creator Lighthouse #5770 and Hillside House #5771. Would definitely trade the whole lot for the Hillside House, and quite possibly for the Lighthouse. Most of the Friends houses / shops would also be nice, especially the Lighthouse #41094, Beachhouse #41037 and Emma's #41095 or Olivia's #3315 House.

Additionally, I really want the recent Camper Van #60057 and older Caravan #4435. Most any of the 2009 City "Farm" series would be great. Colby City Showdown #79109 and the Stagecoach #79108 are the two highest interest items from the western sets.

Please make offer, any offer, if you're at all interested in the sets. Can't see myself doing much of anything with them.



  • NateStraightNateStraight Member Posts: 13
    Is one "bump" acceptable around these parts?

    Also willing to sell this lot. Make offer.
  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,505
    @NateStraight - When I have marketplace threads I usually bump every other day, or whenever I feel the need to update it after a purchase. If there's no interest after a week or so I usually retire the thread and leave it to die.
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