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(US) [H] CMF's And Others [W] CMF's

vriverajr3vriverajr3 USAMember Posts: 133
Hello everyone,
I'm looking to trade around 3(or more) figures at a time to make shipping worth it. no 1for1 unless it has to do with series 1 figures.
**Tracking number required. For the safety of both traders i always provide a tracking number, and expect the same in return.**


* x2 black/red Forest ambush knights(70400)
* MF Rodney Rathbone
* MF Frank Rock
* MF Ann Lee
* Friends Hedgehog(just the animal)
* Galaxy squad chuck stonebreaker
* Mixels series 3-Glurt
* Mixels series 3-Footi
* Ninjago rbooted Zane(From encyclopedia)
* 21012 Architecture Sydney Opera House
* x1 TRU Exclusive Dareth vs Nindroid Polybags

***Super heroes***

* Rocket raccoon polybag
* x3 spiderman
* aldrich killian
* TMNT x2 foot soldier
* TMNT Karai(79118)
* Cop(76015)
* Nova corps officer(76019)
* x2 Sakaaran(76019)
* blue/grey Batman with blue wings(6858)(no cowl)
* Batwing Polybag(30301)

***Star Wars***

* x1 snowtrooper(75054)
* Santa Vader+toy bag(2014 advent calendar) ***only for series 1 offers***
* Xmas tree R2-D2(2014 advent calendar) ***only for series 1 offers***
* clone trooper+guns+santa hat+mug(2014 advent calendar)
* rebel pilot(2014 advent calendar)
* tie pilot(2014 advent calendar)
* ARC-170 Starfighter polybag(30247)

***Lone Ranger***

* Rebecca Redi

***Collectible Minifigures***

* s13 x2 goblin
* s13 x3 fencer
* s13 x2 egypt warrior
* s13 x1 female cyclops
* s13 x1 arpenter
* s13 snake charmer

* S12 x2 space miner
* S12 x2 dino tracker
* S12 x3 pizza guy
* S12 x1 princess
* S12 x1 video gamer
* S12 x1 swashbuckler
* S12 x2 life guard
* S12 x1 spooky girl
* S12 x1 rock star

* x2 Homer
* x3 lisa
* x1 bart
* x1 krusty
* x1 nelson
* x1 ned flanders
* x1 Marge
* x1 apu
* x1 grandpa simpson
* x1 itchy

* s11 x3 mountain climber
* s11 x4 welder
* s11 x2 constable officer

* s10 x2 Biker
* s10 x1 revolution soldier
* s10 x2 baseball player

* s9 mr good and evil

* s5 x1 eskimo


**In order of PRIORITY: Series 1, Series 6, then the rest.**
Will give best offers for series 1 figures.
**Loose CMF's are fine, but please have them complete with all accessories**

* s1 zombie(Will give multiple for him)
* s1 x2 tribal hunter
* s1 wrestler
* s1 nurse

* LM mrs scratchen post
* LM calamity drone
* LM Taco tuesday man
* LM gail
* LM william shakespeare
* LM marsha mermaid
* LM velma staplebot

* s11 scarecrow
* s11 grandma

* s10 medusa
* s10 bumblebee girl
* s10 trendsetter

* s8 downhill skier

* s6 lady liberty
* s6 robot
* s6 sleepy head
* s6 surgeon
* s6 butcher
* s6 genie


  • KralaskanKralaskan Member Posts: 208
    I have the 11s and some of your 10s your looking for, will need to feel a bunch of them.
    Interested in some of your polys.
  • vriverajr3vriverajr3 USAMember Posts: 133
    which polybags?
    Also which s11 and s10 figures do you have from my list specifically?
    Just let me know, thanks
  • ChrisbstmChrisbstm USAMember Posts: 151
    I've got out of package (with accessories)
    LM Velma Staplebot
    S10 Bumblebee Girl
    S10 Trendsetter

    for your
    x1 Sakkaraan
    Nova Officer
    I've got a trade discussion open in the marketplace also if you see anything in my have list there you're interested in.
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