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Anybody ever find any of thier long lost sets? I found some of my older sets today!

KralaskanKralaskan Member Posts: 208
edited January 2015 in Everything else LEGO
Just found some of my older sets today, was like christmas!
Inventor 4090 bird
Inventor 4094 monkey
Star Wars pod race bucket
Technic 8824 hovercraft
Technic 8735 power pack set
Star Wars 7131 anikins pod racer
Mind storms 9748 droid developer
Mind storms 9754 dark side developer
Technic Space shuttle discovery
And the Star Wars 7186 wattos junk yard intact with the rare blue watto mini figure
I was pretty sure I still had these some place and finally found them.
I must of loved them as everything was in ziplock bags inside the boxes with instructions inside.
All the motors and battery packs inside with no corrosion


  • ecmo47ecmo47 Member Posts: 2,101
    edited January 2015
    That's cool! Like finding buried teasure! I know were my childhood Lego are; In a box at the folks house and they are trashed! No boxes, instructions and many pieces (like hinges) are broken. They were well loved at the time but are not worth a thing now. I once remember hooking up a Lego motor to some gears to spun an axle so fast that friction melted it! So no tidy, complete sets for me.
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Administrator Posts: 6,754
    Nice - some great finds there, although the Star Wars Pod Racer bucket is a monstrosity!
  • KralaskanKralaskan Member Posts: 208
    I have more, my sets from the 70s. The expert builder sets. None are complete, I have some parts, some boxes and some instructions though. I had 3 brothers so our stuff all got mixed in together.
    At my parents there are huge plastic containers sorted by color and I'm pretty sure all my parts are there. Need time to sort them and still a battle over who owns what. My younger brother thinks it's all his but I'm calling BS on him. Lol
    I had or should say have,
    Go cart
    Auto chassis
    Motor kit
    Spare parts kit

    I am digging finding my blue watto as I had no idea it had become so valuable.
    The old jar jar mini fig is in the pod racer set, not sure what it's worth
  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,492
    edited January 2015
    Kralaskan said:

    The old jar jar mini fig is in the pod racer set, not sure what it's worth

    He is worth about as much as he was in the movies... so next to nothing.
  • KralaskanKralaskan Member Posts: 208
    Ha ha. That's funny. He was kind of a fail of a characture. I like him
    More as a mini fig that don't talk. Value is not a concern as i would never part
    Any of them out
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