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Today I am trying an experiment -- let me know how it is for you.

HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,457
As you may be aware of will have noticed Brickset's set images are hosted on the server courtesy of Rene Hoffmeister, the German LCP who runs it. They've been there for 15 years and the arrangement has worked well.

However, there are several disadvantages:

- It's not possible to programmatically access them (e.g. to upload new ones via a web form)
- It's bad for SEO (Brickset's images never appear in Google image search even though Brickset is near the top of many website searches)

So, to resolve these issues I've copied them to the Brickset server and changed the site configuration to load them from there today. I would have run the test yesterday but uploading some 57,000 files over my ADSL link with a 512kbps upstream speed took somewhat longer than anticipated!

Anyway, I want to know whether you notice any difference in the time it takes for images to load. My initial tests using Chrome developer tools suggest that load times are comparable but I'd like to know how it is for you.

The CloudFlare content delvery network will kick in and in theory most requests should be served from it so the additional load on the server should be minimal. The CDN could well improve loading times given the images will be served from a server local to you, and not on in Germany.

Please let me know...


  • snowhitiesnowhitie BelgiumMember Posts: 2,859
    Hi Huw,

    I can't notice any difference in speed, seems to be a tad quicker if you click on an image to see the whole picture but not that I would have really realised, but definitely not slower :).

    Tried it on my phone and on my computer to compare as well. However, on my phone when I to 'sets I own' the first time it was fine, the second time all the pictures were black squares and then when I turned my phone back on it was okay again. Guess that might just have been a glitch on the phone, but wanted to let you know. (I use an android Sony - browser is Firefox beta)
    on my computer (firefox) it seemed to be all fine.

    only funny thing is that the picture for the green baseplate seems to have been changed to a picture of a set with a helicopter :, the picture I see is a helicopter with set number 626 in the corner.

    Is this a coincidence?

    PS love the way the new labels work with the different colours (I know that's probably nothing to do with this but it is just really handy)
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,457
    Not sure why that would have happened but I've swapped them round.
  • DadsAFOLDadsAFOL USAMember Posts: 616
    Seems reasonably fast in the US. Looked at 10246 additional images tab with 41 thumbnails. Took about 3 seconds for all 41 to appear. Clicking any one image to zoom is quickly responsive.
  • bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,716
    Subjectively it seems a mite quicker to me. And I was thinking that Brickset was having a 'good day' even that before I saw this discussion.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,457
    Good, although the server reboot is more likely to be to thank for that.
  • HothWampaHothWampa Vancouver, CanadaMember Posts: 15
    edited January 2015
    It's a lot faster for me and I'm from Canada (Vancouver)
    Thanks Huw
  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,936
    edited January 2015
    I'm not sure I've noticed any extra speed, but that's because I never noticed that it was slow in any way! (Edit - at least, not recently)
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