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Complete Collection of all 27 Architecture Sets (21000-21022, 21050, 19710, 19720) + more (UK)

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to sell my complete collection of all 27 Architecture Sets which have been released since the series started in 2008 (as well as a couple of other sets that are similar).

I'm struggling to establish what their value would be now. This is proving difficult as many of these sets were released in specific regions only, Lego Store Exclusive or available in very limited quantities.

At a quick look on-line from multiple sources the original RRP seems as if it would be over £1500/$2250 (without shipping). However many of the limited/restricted sets are now seemingly worth much more - specifically those sets that are still sealed (over half of my collection).


1. I'm guessing they will potentially be worth more sold collectively, however it may prove harder to sell?

2. Does anyone have any idea what this collection would be worth, or has anyone seen anything similar sold?

- The closest I can find is someone on ebay is asking for £4,000/$6,000 (Differences: 1. without LEGO Brand Retail Store 3300003, Sears Tower 19710, John Hancock Center 19720, or the original Sears Tower 21000-1; 2. All sealed, 3. Boxes generally more worn); however I suspect this is a little steep:

(Please see the attached files for a detailed listing of each set and its condition, along with photos)

In summary the following is what I am intending to sell:

Architecture, Landmark/Architect Series
- 25 sets - 21000 to 21022 (including the reissue of 21000 under a different name), and 21050 (Architecture Studio)
- a mixture of MSIB/MIB in mostly excellent condition, with only 3 boxes being very slightly shelf damaged
- sets 21000-21006 are signed by Adam Reed Tucker

Architecture, Brickstructures Series
- 2 sets - 19710 and 19720
- both sets MSIB
- both sets signed by Adam Reed Tucker

- 2 sets - 3300003 and 4000010

In summary the condition is as follows:

- All of the sets are complete.
- All pieces are original to the set, either new still in sealed boxes or in excellent condition having only been built once (no more than a couple of months out of boxes, and never in direct sunlight).
- Almost all boxes are in excellent/perfect condition (three sets/boxes have slight shelf wear - please see the photos and listing details for more information).
- All instruction books are either new still in sealed boxes or in excellent condition having only been used once.
- Selling from a smoke and pet-free home.

Thanks for any help,



  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
    Welcome to the Brickset forum!
  • mcklegomcklego Member Posts: 3
    Thanks! Sadly I'm here to start clearing out some of my Lego Collection :(
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,637
    edited January 2015
    Selling the rare/expensive ones individually is the way to go if you want to maximize your money, particularly signed items or Marina Bay Sands. Selling them as one big lot will save you time and effort but most people will be looking for a bargain when buying a bulk lot.
  • mcklegomcklego Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Bumblepants.

    I may try as a collection for convenience to start with but in no particular rush to sell (next year or so maybe), if no luck then I may start selling individually.
  • theLEGOmantheLEGOman Member Posts: 1,524
    That's going to be alot of money to shell out in one go.

    You'd need a pretty wealthy Architecture lover to buy all them.

    I guess you need to approach the expensive architects in your area.

    Sell it as an amazing display for around their office.
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