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Lego Rube Goldberg ideas for a six year old?

Hi all. My 6 year old son has to build a simple Rube Goldberg machine for homework and of course, would like to use his "favorite builing materials" to get it done. The challenge is to use at least 4 simple machines in six steps. At 6 years old, he really is an excellent builder and can build anything with directions (for example the technic 4x4 and Sea Cow) with no help from me. He can also re-create many things he sees, given we have similiar parts, which we do have a bunch. He has of course wanted to do a section of the great ball machie since seeing it at BrickFair a couple years ago, but the project can't use a motor. We googled and have some ideas, but was wondering if anyone in our community here has any links that might be useful? His final goal/result ideas have been everything from snack delivery to a minifig (using jumbo sausages of course) to a mousetrap style capture of Lord Business. We always receive such excellent support here - thank you!


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