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Hi there

mii11xmii11x Member Posts: 18
Hi there lego fans,

My name is Michael and I am new to these forums. I am from Sydney, Australia and am reuniting with my youth and enjoying Lego once again. My three year old niece loves Lego and I have been buying sets for her for around a year now - the Disney and Friends sets. Of course Uncle Michael has to build these with her.

During November 2014, after seeing many wonderful Star Wars Lego sets I bit the bullet and bought my first set - 75049 snow speeder. I still havn't put it together though. At Christmas, my nieces (well sister and bro'inlaw) bought me the set 75055 - star destroyer and with all the sales on during this period I went a little crazy and bought some larger sets for myself - 10225 (R2D2), 7965 (Millenium Falcon), 75059 (Sandcrawler) and 71006 (Simpsons house). I also have some medium sized sets and so far have collected a total of 10 sets.

Every set I have is still in the box and I am unsure whether or not I will build them or just leave them in the box sealed up. The itch to build is getting to me to say the least. When and if I do open them, it will be a once only build, couple of photos and then back into the box. I am unsure how detrimental this will be to the value of the products in years to come though, so I got some browsing of these forums to do.

Upon browsing the net for all things Lego Star Wars I came across Brickset guides and forums and it seems like it is a pretty good place to check and chat about Lego, so here I am. Hopefully I can write some reviews about the sets that I have when/if I build them.

Thanks for reading guys



  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,492
    Welcome aboard Mick! It's great to have you!

    Build them... build them... build them!!!

    If you're worried about future resell... please don't. Keep the box, keep the instructions, keep the bags. But build. To often these days LEGO is being seen as purely an item to sell for profit, not as a hobby. I once had lots of sealed boxes and the sets I had open and on display I would only look at with price tags in my eyes. Honestly, it almost ruined the hobby for me. I've opened many of those once sealed boxes, built them, and put the proudly on display. Mind you, I'm not made of money either. I knew I was losing money by opening them, but I consider the build and putting them on display well worth the cost.

    If we lived with the fear of losing money every time we opened/used something, we would never enjoy much of anything.

    Just my $.02 :)
  • SprinkleOtterSprinkleOtter Member Posts: 2,779
    If you enjoy building, go right ahead- I buy and sell LEGO sets (only ones I don't have, of course :)), and I have yet to see a set go down in value significantly. Just wait a few years, and pretty much any set will go up in value.

    Now, if you don't enjoy the building... Well, I don't even know why you'd be here ;)
  • mii11xmii11x Member Posts: 18
    I forgot to add, I was a massive fan when I was younger of Lego Space and still have a few sets from my youth that I remember well, I will have to browse to find what sets I used to own and possibly rebuild them - I know I definitely had 6929 and 6930. All my old Lego is stored in a box at mum and dads.

    I more than likely will build them, but maybe not put the decals on them, and definitely keep all the original bags, boxes and instructions
  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,492
    mii11x said:

    I more than likely will build them, but maybe not put the decals on them, and definitely keep all the original bags, boxes and instructions

    @mii11x‌ - That's exactly what I do. Get to build them and still good resale value. Best of both worlds :)

  • TarDomoTarDomo Member Posts: 515
    @samiam391‌ Where do you put the bags after the build? And do they have such some value? I've thrown them away. To be honest I don't keep the box either though I know it's worth something because I simply don't have enough space for them. Instructions I keep at folders.
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078

    Waw, I always keep boxes and instructions but never thought about keeping the bags... Is that a better idea than just using ziplocks or freezer bags? I always rip the bags open, filled with anticipation ... Guess you cut them open carefully then? Not planning on doing much reselling, but you never know, might have to tighten the belt at some point or just want money for new ones ;) Although, I don't think I'll ever go off me SW!
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