Monthly builds at Lego shops?

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Hi there, looked around but couldn't see anything about this topic here or on the Lego website.

What are the rules in shops? I know it's the first Thursday of every month, but that's about it. Do the children need to be a certin age? what times can you go in? is there normally a rush for the builds?

I was planning on taking my 3 and a half year old child on a trip to the Cardiff store once a month as my wife will be starting a new job in Cardiff and we could do it together during Lunch.

Thank you in advence.


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    Check out and the Cardiff link under the UK tab. Then the News & Events link towards the bottom. They happen on Thursday as you noted, but in the evening. In the US there is usually quite a line for the start of the event, and waiting in line is part of the event. In general, the age range is stated as 6-14, but that is flexible, depending on the store staff (and who's working at the time). A limit on the number of cards/sets available is approximately 200 for the UK. Also, download the "next month's calendar" on the News & Events page for more information about other events going on.

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