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*Kitty Key Lights

PoMoPinkPoMoPink UKMember Posts: 274
Anyone know if there is any intention to sell

#5004282: Astro Kitty Key Light
#5004283: Bizniz Kitty Key Light
#5004284: Queasy Kitty Key Light

in the UK? They appeared on US [email protected] in October but not the UK. Don't want to ebay them and have them turn up later :(


  • joel4motionjoel4motion United KingdomMember Posts: 959
    I had a kind bricksetter buy some for me from the US [email protected] because CS told me on the phone that it was unlikely that they'd be available on the EU [email protected]

    There is a guy on eBay selling two of them in a pair for about £20 shipped but the third (queasy) I think hasn't been available for a while now.

    There is also a rake of SH Keylights that are yet to be available anywhere in the UK but CS said there'd be more chance of them being available in the UK.
  • PoMoPinkPoMoPink UKMember Posts: 274
    Thanks, I've given up and ordered the 2 that are on ebay.

    Seems to be Bizniz Kitty that isn't available any more, so if anyone does have one or can get one I'd be really grateful ....
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    Will keep my eyes open for you in NC. What was the original price in the US? I remember seeing only the first Unikitty light several months ago in TRU. Did they hit any of our other stores? I love all colors of the regular Kitty fig...they are just darlin' as we say in the south. The sand green is probably my favorite. SO glad they did several versions, which I was able to buy off eBay and BL without getting the sets. Does anyone know the price to ship one of these to the UK from here?
  • JenniJenni JapanMember Posts: 1,390
    ^ it was $16.75 for 3 wrapped in bubble wrap in a small box. I sent 3 polybags in a padded envelope the next week for $9.25, one key ring might fall into that weight category.

    I'll keep my eyes open for bizness kitty too.
  • PoMoPinkPoMoPink UKMember Posts: 274
    Thanks. Wish I had enquired earlier as to whether they would get to here :(
  • sklambsklamb speaker of American EnglishMember Posts: 494
    Bizniz Kitty Key Light is definitely sold out on the US [email protected] site. Four other versions (plain pink Unikitty, Angry Kitty, AstroKitty, and Queasy Kitty) are still available for $13.99. I'd be willing to send any of these to a UK bricksetter at cost plus shipping (or for a suitable trade)...and if I ever get to my local LEGO store I'll be sure to look for the Bizniz Kitty version there.
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