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LEGO Star Wars Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle (8096)

MKDudeMKDude Member Posts: 13
Hi, has anybody got the above set?
What is it like?
What are the good/bad features of the set?
Impulse buy from ebay with only a couple of the minifigs and not delivered yet.


  • RomanticWarriorRomanticWarrior United StatesMember Posts: 248
    It's been awhile since I built it and tinkered with it, but from what I remember,

    The retractable landing gear is neat, and an improvement over the Republic Attack Shuttle.
    The folding wings and the ship's opening mechanism are okay.

    The top fin looks unfinished and uneven - studs on one side and plate bottoms on the other.
    The Vader helmet mechanism never really worked for me the way it was advertised to. It usually just ended up launching Vader, the helmet, or both across the room.

    Have fun.
  • oansunoansun Member Posts: 87
    Is this the episode 3 set? If so: was neat, but it's not easy to get "inside" the ship. Easier for display than play.
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