Hello All :)

Hi everyone

I used to be into LEGO as a child (bout 12 years ago so I'm not that old lols), mainly the adventure series such as set 5987 (http://brickset.com/sets/5987-1/Dino-Research-Compound), as well as some star wars and harry potter Lego when they came around. I've always been bought small Lego sets for years as jokes from family members for Christmas but I've always enjoyed building them. When the LEGO MOVIE came out I rushed to the cinema to watch it and fell back in love with LEGO, since then I've started a small collection of LEGO MOVIE Lego sets except the large expensive sets I hope to get later this year. I also have had my eye on the new detective agency modular building, it seems extremely detailed and great value for money on a pound to piece scale anyway :).

So I'm looking forward to sharing my upcoming Lego collection with all of you :)


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