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llanowarsoldier: Myself and Lego

llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Ohio USAMember Posts: 357
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
I am a 33yo male AFOL living just outside Columbus, Ohio. I've had lego throughout my whole life and only went through a "dark ages" when city was in its juniorization phase. When I was kid mainly was into the Space sets and Pirates with some city thrown in. Got back into Lego only 2 years ago when the Creator Beach House came out as that was 1st set I bought. Since then though I have purchased every Modular and 95% of city sets since then. I have also bought a few Star Wars sets for when I finally set up my Cities Advanced Military R&D center.

So in short I have a wicked town lay out right now with 3 4ft x 4ft lined up in a row.

Lego is one of my main hobbies right now and I do but some of the other lines like Harry Potter and Space Police 3 and anxiously awaiting the PotC Black Pearl when that comes out.

Also, I am currently looking to get ahold of a complete set of the 1st mini figure series as I never found any here in my area. If anyone has a complete set sealed i'd be more than happy to work something out.


  • korkor Member Posts: 392
    I missed out on a few of the earlier modular building and I've been kicking myself for it ever since. At the time I had no idea the secondary market was going to be so pricey and I was into other things so I just passed on them.

    Sounds like you have a killer town layout. You should post some pics.
  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Ohio USAMember Posts: 357
    I would if I knoew how to upload them onto here.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    @llanowarsoldier: If you have the image file on your computer, you can click "Attach a file" right below the comment text box. After it uploads, there should be an option to insert the image into your post.

    If the images are online, you can just paste the URL.
  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Ohio USAMember Posts: 357
    Sweet, thanks for the info. I'll be alot of pics for sure when I do
  • PaulTRPaulTR Member Posts: 115
    Hey, very nice to meet you! I am also eagerly awaiting for the POTC sets. I would love to see your city layout; I'm a huge fan of big city layouts!
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