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To open or keep closed

bethemonkeybethemonkey Member Posts: 16
I have the Tumbler... should I open and put it together (keep the box etc) or keep it closed and wait.
Also what is the general discount on opened complete sets value as opposed to open boxes? 20% less the sealed?



  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,215
    It depends on your long term goal - do you want to sell it or keep it?

    If you are after building one, then you could always sell it sealed, then buy used, build it and sell used again. Or buy used now, build it and sell it, keeping your sealed one for future sale.

    If you are just building it and will definitely sell it, it's probably best not to apply the stickers.

  • aldreddaldredd United KingdomMember Posts: 203
    Aren't we all here because we enjoy building Lego? In which case, it's surely a no-brainer? :smile:
  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,261
    ^Except the sealed box collectors. Let's not forget that not everyone enjoys Lego in the same way. Personally I have no interest in collecting sealed boxes but have nothing against those who get something out of it.
  • bethemonkeybethemonkey Member Posts: 16
    I'm a bit of both, like building, but also like collecting and seeing sets go up in price.
    Just trying to get a feel... long time builder.. back to the 80's and I still have the Samsonite boxes that were made in Canada that hold my Lego.
  • alexwilalexwil UKMember Posts: 369
    Open it every time!
  • AdzbadboyAdzbadboy London, UKMember Posts: 2,626
    Today I planed to buy the Birds set but it took me a couple of hours to decided what else to buy to get the free ploybag. So I picked up Cloud Cuckoo Palace with an intention to return and exchange for a Double Decker Couch when it's back in stock.

    Guess what I couldn't resist. I cracked the seal open and started to build. I don't understand how you resisted not opening The Dark Knight Tumbler. O_O
  • MKDudeMKDude Member Posts: 13
    I open all boxes even if I intend to sell at a later time. If you purchase at a store which accept returns (most stores do) there is always the risk that somebody had swopped out the original contents for something else then re-sealed and returned. Not worth the risk imho.
  • monkeymonkey Member Posts: 235
    Probably paranoid but after reading forum posts about substituted contents I open all my boxes after purchase, and if it's a duplicate set for later sale I wrap it snugly in cling film and up it goes to storage.

    From what I've seen the difference in price between sealed box and opened-to-check-contents is minimal, and peace of mind priceless.
  • mh3490mh3490 NW Indiana Member Posts: 318
    The way I see it I would rather buy an opened set that consists of over 1,000 pieces because the seller can in fact guarantee it is % 100 complete rather than take a chance of lego forgetting a coutlet pieces and having to find them after a set is retired
  • bethemonkeybethemonkey Member Posts: 16
    Opened the Tumbler last night, through instruction book 1.
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