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Lego store information

chris_bhamchris_bham Member Posts: 65
edited January 2015 in Buying & Selling Topics
Hi all

Living in the Midlands I do no have a lego store to go to for my purchases and am 100% reliant on

At the start of feb I am going to Manchester and will visit the store there and then in April I am in Cardiff so will visit that store. It's just by look at the two cities I visit this year have lego stores.

My question is what are these two stores lik? Are they any good? Aka are they reliant stores and when I go should I expect lots of stock for most items?


  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,088
    Brand stores are generally well stocked all year round, except just before Christmas. There may be a few popular sets not on the shelf, but not many.
  • chris_bhamchris_bham Member Posts: 65
    Cheers huw

    Next question is what shall I get? Hmmm lol
  • TarDomoTarDomo Member Posts: 515
    ^I would say get UCS Slave 1 but you can get that from so buy a small set: a microfighter or something. You would have to pay shipping if you would get it from
  • chris_bhamchris_bham Member Posts: 65
    Well my thinking is the tumblr released last year, or if its in stock the r2 d2 as its one I have been looking at for 12 months

    Knowing me I'll end up getting the new valentines day seasonal set though
  • TarDomoTarDomo Member Posts: 515
    If the R2-D2 is still available that´s a good idea. It retired and it´s a great set. I can really recommend it. Nice build, cool features and great movie-accurate look.
  • chris_bhamchris_bham Member Posts: 65
    And it's £104.99 according to the lego online shop
  • DadDad Member Posts: 816
    ^ It's not.
  • chris_bhamchris_bham Member Posts: 65

    Says its £104.99 it's sold out but going at same price in store
  • DadDad Member Posts: 816
    Seriously, the ship has sailed on this one. Secondary market is your only option. No Lego stores in the UK will have these in stock.
  • chris_bhamchris_bham Member Posts: 65
    Well I wasn't to know....Jesus

    If it not there it's not there I'll see if there is anything else available for my liking
  • TarDomoTarDomo Member Posts: 515
    ^ Most likely there isn´t R2 but sometimes the stores surprise with some retired sets... really just sometimes...
  • chris_bhamchris_bham Member Posts: 65
    Ill just ring around see what the stores say. If not ill go in and get something new
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