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Hello all. I was a regular Lego user back in my childhood in the 1980's, but just got back into it about a year ago after managing to get together about 95% of the bits for three of my old sets from a bag of Lego that my mother still had. Ebay then provided the missing pieces The three sets being:

6929: Starfleet Voyager - complete, but no box or instructions
8050: Technic Universal motor set - complete bar the motor pulley rubber band, with instructions but no box
8841; Technic Dune Buggy - complete with instructions but no box.

2014-01-16 19.16.04

I've also got set 8843: Technic Fork Lift Truck, however, this is rather an unusual version as the 4x2 bricks and the box itself have both been branded with ORMIC, the name of an Italian forklift truck manufacturer. I believe my grandfather obtained the set back in the 1980's as he had connections with the Ormic company through his work. I'm guessing that not many of them were produced like this so it's got to be fairly rare.

The set still has the box, albiet quite tatty now, with the instructions, an Italian/French & German language Technic catalogue and a sheet on the pneumatics. When I put the model together about a year ago, it was complete, but since then, a couple of the minor connectors have gone missing and will need to be replaced.

2014-12-30 16.27.23

2014-12-30 16.27.31

2014-12-30 16.27.53


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