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Favourite TT Lego game (or others!)

I know there are a few of you out there who play the Lego video games. Which are your favourites and why? What features and so on did you like? Or did you like there older ones like Legoland or Rock Raiders?
Just curious. ;-)

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  • TarDomoTarDomo Member Posts: 515
    LSW games. Personally I like most the first (LSW The Video Game), it's kinda nostalgic. I plaeyd it through at least 3 times as a kid.
  • pantboypantboy Member Posts: 211
    My favourite without a doubt is LEGO City Undercover on the WiiU, it has a fun story with plenty of humour, some of which I missed the first time I played through the game, you are free to roam in the open world (often described as GTA for kids) plenty of unlockables/side missions.

    Only downside I could find to an otherwise perfect game is the lack of a multiplayer option.
  • yuffieyuffie Member Posts: 92
    Probably Star Wars: The Complete Saga which was the first one I played and Marvel Super Heroes, as I think it was the peak of the series and had the most variety.

    I've played them all (most to 100% completion) but am beginning to finally tire of them with Batman 3 as it has nothing really new to offer and seems to have much longer cut scenes.
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    For me the original LEGO Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes are the best. Star Wars because it is the original which led the way for the rest and Marvel Super Heroes because it has the best original storyline and hub world.
  • ricecakericecake Member Posts: 878
    As a music lover, LEGO Rock Band. I've not played any of the other LEGO games, except for I tried the demo of The LEGO Movie video game.
  • buffalo123buffalo123 Member Posts: 6
    Of the TT games, Lego Indiana Jones 2. It has 6 awesome hubs, brilliant levels, and most importantly- the level creator. The newer games, although they are more advanced, seem to glitch a lot more on my computer. :disappointed: Though lego racers beats them all... :smile:
  • rawbobrawbob Member Posts: 535
    I had played some of the earlier games HP Years 1-4, Star Wars Ep 1-3, etc but they never really grabbed me. However, the Marvel Super Heroes game really got it's claws into me. I thought the Manhattan open world was brilliant. Then I played Lego batman 2 and found the game to be almost as good as the Marvel one. Lego Batman 3 has expanded the scope of the game with multiple "planets" but I feel the planets are samey and the puzzles are starting to drag now. Time for a rethink before Marvel Super Heroes 2.

    My biggest criticism would be that the puzzles are too similar in the need for a combination of gold melting, silver exploding, etc.

    Too many characters are not necessary. 150-200 characters yet I always use a core of about 8 characters. Make those other characters count.

    A bigger, better open world.

    I also played The Lego Movie game. The graphics looked a little underdone at some points and the cut scenes are taken directly from the film. I wish they had used an original story (the fall of the master builders, the rise of lord business, revenge of the micro managers). I always thought an interesting idea would be to build your own Brickburg after Emmet destroys it (Tapped Out style!) as you put down a building a character and/or challenge appear that requires you to use the character or previous characters to complete. you can buy buildings and unlock things as you go. the end of the game would be indicate Lord Business was unhappy with the meddling in his city so he plans to glue it all together. You could unlock buildings and vehicles that are existing sets (town hall, parisian restaurant, palace cinema, millenium falcon, the tumbler, etc). You could customise the game to only show the sets you own and invite someone in a multiplayer game to race in your custom Lego brickburg.
  • ProfessorBrickkeeperProfessorBrickkeeper Member Posts: 26
    edited December 2014
    I'm in love with the older ones of yesteryear, and have all of them (aside from Galidor and Friends). As for my favorite, I would have to say it would a tie between LEGO Racers, and LEGO Island. Island Xtreme Stunts also certainly deserves an honorable mention. I should mention you can try out the demo of LEGO Racers by visiting

    And sure, LEGO Star Wars was good, but the gameplay TT gives us has become extremely repetitive, with the exception of 2006's Bionicle Heroes. Still, credit where credit is due, I have very, very much enjoyed LEGO Lord of the Rings (And also modded the heck out of it!)

    Of course, I am a member of, so naturally I would lean towards the older games. The website has a nice community and specializes in modding, so if you enjoy the older games, I do suggest you visit (and mention I referred you :P).
  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    ^I didn't realise that they were mod-able! Of course, anything is mod-able, but I didn't know they were particularly easy to mod. What sort of mods did people do for them?

    There's a lot of good responses here...I have played a lot of the Tt Lego games (as well as LEGOLand and the original Lego Island), pretty much all except for PotC and the superhero ones (and IJ2).

    I notice quite a few people have said LSW was their favourite (presumable the Complete Saga one?). That was, of course, the first that I played (the first, then the second and now the complete saga), and I started it up the other day with my brother, but especially after LotR and Harry Potter, it feels a little basic/primitive. Though the humour is certainly fresher and feels more original, for sure.

    I have to agree as well about the hundreds of playable characters - especially in Harry Potter, where any main character has most of the powers necessary by the end of the game. There are only a few special characters worth using - though I particularly liked the goblin named 'Bogrod'...if only just for his name. :-)

    My brother have 100% in both of the Harry Potter ones (apart from a weird glitch which prevents you from getting one character and one gold brick in the first. But it's 98% or something), The Clone Wars and LotR. I have played both of the original SW ones to 100% with a friend's PS2, and we're getting there with the CS. We have the original IJ and TLM played through on story mode only and we're doing the Hobbit ATM.

    As such, I feel it's quite interesting that some are quite fun to play to 100%, but some feel quite grindy, which is surprising, as they're all quite similar. LotR was great fun all the way through, for example, but TLM was really boring, even first time through!

    Someone mentioned glitchiness, and I have to agree. HP1 was particularly bad (there was one nearly game-breaking glitch which would have stopped you from finishing the 3rd year without editing the config files). The Hobbit has also shown a little glitchiness (menus not responding, Player 2 not responding, etc) so far, but that may be as we are playing (on PC) with one controller and one on the keyboard. The others are mostly all right, though.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,791
    First LEGO batman and LEGO Indiana Jones (Not the sequel) for me. Maybe its nostalgia, but LEGO Batman having the ability to play the level from the bad guys point of view was pretty interesting IMO.
  • ^I didn't realise that they were mod-able! Of course, anything is mod-able, but I didn't know they were particularly easy to mod. What sort of mods did people do for them?.

    If you're talking about the TT games ones, they are relatively simple to mod, simply because of the consistent formula between the games and shared engine, with the only changes coming in the form of updates to the file formats and how the hex data is organized. You can use an extractor (such as QuickBMS with the TT games .DAT script) to extract the contents of the .DAT data archives, then merge them, and place them in the main game folder, and rename the original DAT files to run the game with extracted files. At this point, we can read and change character models and textures, characters availible to play, export and view all models, and I was actually one of the ones who pioneered the ability to load test levels and cutscene levels, as well and creating a basic freecam (also demonstrated) as can be seen here:
  • yuffieyuffie Member Posts: 92
    I didn't realise you couldn't complete one of the Harry Potter ones to 100%. I assumed I'd missed something to end at 98% even after trying to check back through everything.
  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    yuffie said:

    I didn't realise you couldn't complete one of the Harry Potter ones to 100%. I assumed I'd missed something to end at 98% even after trying to check back through everything.

    For me, the Slytherin common room remained locked even after doing the puzzle to unlock it. There's just no way to get inside. So I just count it as a moral victory. ;-)

    ^^That's interesting to know. So is it mostly experimenting that's going on in the Tt modding world, or are there any particularly notable gameplay altering/improving mods?

    My brother and I just discovered a massive bug in The Hobbit yesterday, so we'll be reinstalling and seeing if that fixes it...
  • kempo81kempo81 Member Posts: 961
    Star Wars Complete Saga for me. It was the first I played and whilst it didn't have the much better graphics or more open world feel to the more recent titles it captured my imagination and got me gaming again - Particularly being a Star Wars fan!! After GTA 4 left me feeling a bit meh about it and my PS3 full stop, a chance purchase if this title started me on the road of buying (and completing) most of the games released!
  • ypinskerypinsker Member Posts: 5
    My favorite was always The 2 Lego Racers games. Although they weren't as popular as the Lego Island franchise, they were tons of fun to play. The kart customization was a key to the game. I also loved the tracks, and always wanted to build rocket racers car and the other boss cars in the 1st game, which I did (but that's for another post.) The 2nd games over world was fun to drive around. The voice thing was a little annoying, but that was overlookable. The games story was building up to Rocket Racer's final race, which was a little disappointing. I also decided to collect all the Xalax Cars from the game.
    If you haven't played either game, you should. It's fun.
  • SuperTrampSuperTramp Member Posts: 1,021
    The huge open world with near endless collectibles topped off with the unique Wii U gamepad features made Lego City Undercover my favorite Lego game by far.

    Really hoping a sequel happens.
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