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Printout for Owned Sets

givmellisgivmellis Member Posts: 23
Hello All,

Firstly, let me say this is not a feature request (!) just asking if this is possible as it would interest me greatly, and I am assuming at least some others who have a similar set up to myself.

My lego is kept in a dedicated room, with each set that I have dismantled bagged and then stored in large plastic boxes (with other sets) and then kept behind closed cupboards. I love the idea of having a printout of each set and its details that I can store in a file and then flick through to see which sets I have, and which boxes they are stored in for easy retrieval. Obviously this can be done electronically, but I would love to have a physical "directory" of my lego.

I really like the lay out of the set details page on Brickset (although it is not customised on one A4 page of course) so I was wondering if there was any automated way to print these out one to a page (I guess I can do this manually but the amount of time that would take scares me!) in a friendly format?

Thanks heaps in advance!
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