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(US/WW) FS: Sets- Sculptures, SW, Creator, Train, Hobbit, Technic......Minifigures- SW, CMF, SDCC ++

samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,487
edited December 2014 in Marketplace
Hi all,

This listing is for a HUGE lot of LEGO that I'm looking to clear out... un-releated, I also have a large amount of Lionel trains for sale. If you are a Lionel collector or interested in some nice vintage trains, let me know.

Now onto the LEGO...

I am located in the United States. Most items ship for free in the US (minifigures do, sets do not). I do ship WW, cost depends upon the item. I do not profit off of shipping.

If you want your item shipped in a box for maximum protection, then feel free to ask. Any minifigures over $100 is automatically shipped in a box.

Pictures can be sent upon request. Please give your e-mail in a PM.

I have not had the opportunity to price everything yet due to a busy schedule. If you're interested in an item though, you can either make an offer or ask for a price.

***Please note- I cannot accept payment until after the 1st of January. Therefore, I can not ship until after the 1st of January.

I have sold many items to multiple users over several years, buy with confidence.

New Sets (minor shelf wear):
#10020 Sante Fe Super Chief Limited Edition (small scratch in artwork on back)
#5524 Factory Airport ( very small indention on front of package)
#75021Star Wars Republic Gunship
#79004 Hobbit Barrel Escape
#7067 Alien Conquest Ship
#4502 Star Wars X-Wing and Yoda's Hut
#7778 Midi Scale Millennium Falcon
#76003 Battle of Smallville

Open sets (100% complete with instructions, no box, unless otherwise stated):

Star Wars:
#10174 UCS AT-ST (with box)

#10213 Shuttle Adventure (Missing instruction booklet #2)
#10177 Boeing 787 Dreamliner

#4998 Stegosaurus
#4958 Monster Dino (with all power functions- operational)
#4896 Roaring Roadsters
#6752 Fire Rescue
#6745 Propeller Power
#4953 Fast Flyers
#6743 Street Speeder

#8292 Cherry Picker
#8291 Dirt Biker

#7990 Cement Mixer
#7685 Dozer

#8632 Swamp Raid

#8149 Midnight Streak
#8150 ZX Turbo

Harry Potter:
#4840 The Burrow (with box)

Friends (No instructions for any of these):
#3188 Heartlake Vet
#3065 Olivia's Tree House
#3061 City Park Cafe
#3184 Adventure Camper
#3183 Stephanie's Cool Convertible
I have a few more, but haven't been able to pull them out yet. Will update soon.


Batman 1:
#bat022 Blue Batman
#bat016 Scarecrow (w/ scythe)
#bat015 Nightwing
#bat021 Bane
#bat008 Killer Croc

Star Wars:
Cloud City Lando Calrissian
Cloud City Leia Organna


NYTF 2012 Ironman and Captain America with bag and lanyard
Series 10 Mr. Gold Minifigure Sealed w/ unregistered certificate

Giant Figures:

30 Inch Tall Barnes and Noble Figure

Comes with the following:
-30 Inch Barnes and Noble Figure
-Nuts/Bolts/Pieces to safely set it in "display position"
-All original packaging material including cardboard inserts and plastic sheets
-Original boxes with official LEGO "stamps"

This figure is NEW. The box was only opened to inspect/photograph the contents.

26 Inch Tall Darth Vader in Case

26 inches Height, 19 inches Width, 17 inches Depth Weight 46lbs The actual figure in the case stands 19" Tall.
When you push the button the figure moves its arms and the lightsaber lights up. Comes with Power cord.



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