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UK: 6 job lots - Star Wars - Indiana Jones - Vintage space/pirates ships - Vintage Castle

NorlegoNorlego ScotlandMember Posts: 449
I am planing on selling some job lots that I have no use for. They are as follows:
1. Star Wars sets and around 60 figures in good condition. (8018, 7676, 7930, 7929, 7931, 8083, 8038, 7869, 8092, 7869, 7914 and 6212) I have yet to build some City sets from this lot.
2. A big pile of vintage castle bricks. (Early 1990s.)
3. Indiana Jones sets/figures. (7622, 7627, 7625, 7626, 7620, 7624 and Ninjago 2505) I am going to build 3 Potter/Creator sets from this lot.
4. Vintage sets, around 25 years old. Space/pirates etc. (Some expensive sets, according to
5. Small job lot of Star Wars figures/parts to various sets.
6. Vintage sets, around 20 years old. Loads of manuals.

I have loads more job lots, but these are the best ones. The ones with a low value, I sell quickly locally.

I buy a lot of joblots and build what I want and leave the rest. I do not harvest the job lots for parts as I sell sets and figures. I enjoy building City/Harry Potter/trains and dislike Star Wars/Power Miners etc.

Not looking to trade as I am offered far to much cheap Lego as it is.

I will not be giving these joblots away, but if you have money to spend and want a good job lot then we might be able to agree on a suitable figure. (More upstairs than downstairs, please...) If you want cheap job lots you will have to do what I do, spend hours on Gumtree then spend drive 1-2 hours to pick up stuff.

I am in no hurry to sell, and was thinking of doing this in a few weeks time. If any of the lots sound interesting, let me know. I can then contact you when I have taken some photos and also when I have finished with the lots.
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