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Any of you people know HispaBrick Magazine (in English) online!

Might be @Huw and @CapnRex101 being involved in Blocks-magazine consider me posting this as blasphemy, and the rest of you die-hard in-crowd Bricksetters are like: "Oooh Dude, palease! You only just now stumbled upon this thingy?!" or something along those lines.
Any how I found this site called where you can download all their magazines as PDF's. They contain many interesting articles, lots of nice pictures, as well as some building instructions. Maybe it is because I am never really looking for Lego magazines when I visit bookstores, newsagents, or 'fags & mags' shops, although I would not be surprised if Blocks magazine is scarcely available in The Netherlands, I wonder to what extend there still is a market for printed magazines like this with so much available on the web? Hispabricks has their content available for free on the web. How are you going to compete against all the web content you can just view anywhere you are as long as you have a tablet, and/or smartphone?

Just wanted to share this with all of you, and I am curious if you already knew Hispabricks, what you think of it. As well as maybe more general what your opinions are on Lego magazines as (free) web-content, or printed on 'good old fashioned' glossy paper.


  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    edited December 2014
    We have posted about the magazine in the past on Brickset, including just a couple of days ago actually: It is easy to miss articles like that one at the moment as we have so much news coming in that things are dropping off the homepage very quickly!

    As for whether there is room in the market for a print magazine, Blocks' popularity thus far suggests that many fans prefer a physical copy even if it means having to pay for it. Also, a significant number of those who purchase Blocks are not involved in online LEGO communities such as this one, and may therefore not be aware of Hispabrick. By advertising and appearing in high street shops, Blocks is able to reach out to a potential market that Hispabrick cannot.

    Both magazines offer a great deal in my opinion and despite contributing to Blocks, I still read Hispabrick every time a new issue arrives. They present different opinions and often focus on varying aspects of the hobby, so the two can easily coexist in my opinion.
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    HispaBrick is an excellent publication which we support fully here at Brickset and there is definitely a market for both it and Blocks. They cater for slightly different audiences.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    One of the editors @lluisgib is also a member here, and has posted about it a few times. It is usually an excellent read, with very wide content.
  • lluisgiblluisgib Member Posts: 225
    Thanks for all the comments about HispaBrick Magazine.

    I think there is enough space for different LEGO publications. I think our magazine is the one with most variety of articles and themes compared to the others. It's made by fans for fans. There's no mony around our Magazine and all our contributors are collaborating with us only to be proud to appear in it.

    I ony have seen the Issue #0 of Blocks and the focus of the magazine is different compared with ours. That's why I think there is a market for everybody. Of course I think if there is something free, it is more accessible, but seems that on this moment, Blocks is selling well, so I am happy about it and I wish them the best of the lucks for the future, because it is not easy.

    Hisabricks is excellent and, as Lluis said, is free - always a bonus. I would urge any AFOL to check it out.

    I'm really grateful to Huw and the team for this website, it is the site I visit most, and although I haven't yet Picked up Blocks I resolve to start this week. A trip to WH Smiths is in order. I trust Huw and co and wouldn't mind droping a few quid each month for the mag in support. After all I already get so much free content from them here on a daily basis.

    As always, thank you for the excellent work @Lluisgib and the brickset team, I'm extremely grateful!

  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Member Posts: 1,437
    Thanks for the link. Yeah I missed that article on the front page. Sometimes I visit Brickset multiple times a day, and then some other days not at all. So yes, it is easy to miss out on some articles now and then.

    @Huw & CapnRex and others of Blocks Magazine
    Next time I visit W.H. Smith or American Book Center here in Amsterdam, I will have a look and see if they sell your magazine.
    @lluisgib You too, thanks, and good luck with Hispabrick Magazine, it contains plenty of interesting content.

    Thanks for all the feedback everybody!
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