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US to UK, CA, Intl. [H] Lots of CMFs and Miscellaneous figures + polybags [W] TLM Master Builders!

After watching The Lego Movie, I've joyously realized that collecting all the Master Builders who were in the film is definitely my next priority. All my CMF Wants DO NOT have to have their accessories, as most of them did not in the actual movie (Shakespeare actually held a pizza throughout the entire Cloud Cuckoo Land scene).



* S1 Demolition Dummy (sealed)
* S3 Gorilla Suit Guy
* S4 Hazmat Guy (3x)
* S5 Boxer, Lizard Man (sealed)
* S6 Clockwork Robot (sealed), 2x Roman Soldier (incoming), Mechanic, Genie
* Simpsons - Milhouse, Scratchy
* S12 - Battle Goddess, Wizard, 3x Piggy Suit Guy, Gamer, Jester, Spooky Girl, Lifeguard, Hun Warrior


* 2x Red Classic Space (excellent condition, no gold fading)
* The Joker from 6863 Batwing Battle Over Gotham City
* The Joker from 76013 The Joker Steam Roller
* Martian Manhunter (loose)
* Frank Rock from Monster Fighters line
* Lone Ranger figure
* Swamp Policeman, Lavertus, and Lloyd from Target Minifigure Gift Set (baseplates included)
* Alpha Team Dash and Radia
* Gilderoy Lockhart (yellow face)
* Original Geonosian w/wings
* Original Geonosian Battle Droid
* Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Robo-Swat from 70801 Melting Room
* Everything is Awesome Blu-Ray Edition Vitruvius
* Lots of other stuff! Ask for more if you've got what I need.


* Super Secret Police Enforcer
* Frodo with Cooking Corner
* Lake-Town Guard
* 2x Rocket Raccoon


* [Blaze Firefighter](
* S1 Circus Clown
* [Blue Cavalry Hat]( & [White Bandanna]( - Will also consider offers of complete Cavalry figures
* [Smiling Ghost](
* 3x-5x Castle Soldiers - faces can vary, but figure composition must be like [this](
* [Sir Stackabrick](
* S2 Vampire
* [Flesh-skin Dumbledore](
* S3 Rapper
* S11 Lady Robot
* S8 Pirate Captain
* S2 Disco Dude
* S2 Witch
* Speed Racer
* [Female Pirate](
* S2 Mime
* S4 Punk Rocker
* S6 Bandit
* S8 Pirate Captain
* [Lloyd ZX]( from 70815 Super Secret Police Dropship
* [Conductor Charlie](
* White Classic Spaceman
* Gordon Zola
* A variety of happy-faced heads! Some of the real-life CMFs aren't quite as goofy-looking as they were in the movie.
* Metalbeard - the big version!

Already Acquired:

* Forestman
* Deep Sea Diver
* Demolition Dummy
* Abraham Lincoln
* Shaquille O'Neal and the 2002 NBA All Stars!
* Mummy
* Marsha Queen of the Mermaids
* Egyptian Queen (Cleopatra)
* Policeman
* Tribal Chief
* Medusa
* Vitruvius
* Red Classic Spaceman
* Hazmat Guy
* Macho Wrestler
* Cardio Carrie
* Swamp Creature
* Surgeon
* Lady Liberty
* Superman
* Wonder Woman
* The Flash
* Lumberjack
* Lizard Man
* Michelangelo (TMNT)
* Milhouse
* Sleepyhead
* Panda Suit Guy
* Taco Tuesday Guy
* Gandalf
* Magician
* Ringmaster
* Johnny Thunder
* Yeti
* Island Warrior
* Zookeeper
* Benny (will get him in the 2015 Double Decker Couch set)
* Green Lantern (will get him in his 2015 appearance)
* Unikitty
* Wyldstyle
* Shakespeare


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