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[UK/WW] Wanted: #30256 Chima Iceklaw's Mech polybag, will trade or buy

TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Member Posts: 1,372

Having recently learned of the #30256 Iceklaw's Mech polybag being discovered in some Target stores of the US, I thought I'd try and get in early and ask if somebody could help me out with securing a couple (and, with any luck, before Christmas!) if their local Target has any.

Happy to trade for it or outright buy the polybags at face value plus shipping charges (I think it's $3.99 plus tax per poly, and either $6.55 or $9.45 shipping depending on weight). Payment would be through Paypal.

I have the following for trade (and indicate how many polybags I would like in return for each item):

1x Prologue Vitruvius minifig (still in factory packaging), will trade for 3 #30256
1x Rocket Raccoon polybag (sealed), will trade for 1 #30256
3x Electro Suit Batman minifig (like new), 1x Electro Suit Batman for 1x #30256

I can also give Bricklink store credit for my store to the face value of the polybags if you would prefer that.

I don't require more than 3x #30256 but would like to trade or buy at least 2 to make the shipping more worthwhile :-)

If you think you can help me with acquiring a few of these polybags, please feel free to send me a private message and I'll be happy to work something out with you :-)

I've done plenty of trades on the forum and have an excellent feedback record on eBay and BL, so you can trade with me in confidence.

Thanks in advance!
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