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Mayan Temple

richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
edited October 2011 in Building and Techniques
hope you like. thanks to brickset member Savage_Steel for Achu!


  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,941
    Bless you.
  • akunthitaakunthita Member Posts: 1,038
    Beautiful! I always liked that minifig! Only thing is, I would ad a bit more green. (c;
  • EricEric Member Posts: 376
    Brilliant. :D
  • nerick906nerick906 Member Posts: 430
    where is this minifig from? I remember it and i think i want to get the set where it was.
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
    edited October 2011
    @nerick906: he's Achu from Adventurers set #5906, Ruler of the Jungle. He's one of my favourite minifigs, I love the colours and patterns on his headpiece and cape.

    Edit: BTW, @richo, I love your Mayan temple. Are you going to create other models to go with it for a Mayan village scene at all?
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    Thanks all! I build stuff for a mixture of me & my 5 year old daughter that I live with. I love building, and she loves helping, although I must admit that Achu ended up in the bowels of the temple a few times as the support system was very complex to make sure it was all sturdy.
    I am all out of bricks at present, so no more new buildings for a few months.
    I did do a castle that I posted a few months back!
  • AScaryOctopusAScaryOctopus Member Posts: 57
    That's awesome!

    I miss all my old Jungle Adventurers stuff, all that remains is half a zeppelin :/
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Aw, that's ace. I like seeing where my minfigs have ended up :D
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