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US-UK-CAN [H] Rocket Raccoon Polybag, Plastic Man, Some Series 10,11,12,Simpsons CMF [W] CMF, Offers

jpjmrkvickajpjmrkvicka Member Posts: 20
Located in US - looking to trade

x4 TRU Rocket Raccoon Polybag
Plastic Man Polybag
x2 30301 Batwing

Series 10 - Roman Commander, Tomahawk Warrior, Skydiver, Paintball Player, Baseball Fielder (all sealed)
Series 11 - x2 Welder, Mountain Climber
Series 12 - Pizza Delivery Man, Rock Star, Wizard, Gamer (all sealed)
Simpsons - Homer, Bart

Series 10 - Librarian, Grandpa, Bumblebee Girl, Trendsetter, Medusa
Lego Movie - Calamity Drone, Gail the Construction Worker, Velma Staplebot, William Shakespeare, Mrs. Scratchen-Post, Marsha Queen of the Mermaids

Team GB
any prior series


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.