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Series 6 minifig pics "confidential"

didgeboydidgeboy Member Posts: 8
edited September 2011 in Collecting
So it looks like there are some recent "leaked" pictures appearing on the web for the upcoming Series 6. While this might be old news to many of you it was new to me. Although I had seen some of the previous pics showing 9 figs, the whole lot is revealed here. Without giving away anything, here is the line up: Alien (grey) w/ray gun, genie w/magic lamp, "roman" legionnaire, statue of liberty, female space"man", "goth" skater girl, bank robber with kerchief mask, robot, highlander, surgeon w/xray, female w/what looks to be a brush, minotaur, leprechaun w/pot of gold, boy(?) w/teddy bear, butcher, elvis the mechanic. Some of these are exciting to me only for the accessories, but some should be fun either way. Cheers.


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