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(US and Europe) - For Trade Rocket Raccoon Blind Trade

murroughmurrough Member Posts: 59
I have a quantity of the Rocket Raccoon Poly bags up for trade. I will send you either 10 or 5 your choice if in the US, only 10 if International. You will send me what you believe to be a fair trade value. Below are things that I would be interested in. If you don't have this stuff send me other cool Poly bags or small sets, but please do not tell me what they are. PM with address and how many you want (if in the US). I will cover my shipping and you should cover yours (Located in Ohio if it matters). Thanks

#30201 – Ghost
#30216 – Lake Town Guard

#40052 – Spring Scene
#40054 – Summer Scene
#40056 – Thanksgiving Feast
#40057 – Fall Scene
#40058 – Decorating the Tree
#40059 – Santa’s Sleigh

#40078 – Hot Dog Stand
#40106 – Toy Workshop
#40108 – Balloon Cart

#5002127 – Flashback Shredder
#5002123 – Darth Revan
#5000022 – The Hulk
#5000062 – Darth Maul
#500202 – Elrond

CMF Series 6 & 12

Atlantis Monster Figures
- Crab Warrior
- Angler Warrior
- Hammerhead Warrior
- Squid Warrior


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.