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Awaiting moderation - How long does it usually take?

MojoestMojoest UKMember Posts: 474
Its only been a couple of hours, so maybe I'm being impatient, (more than likely ;-p), but I've tried to submit a new marketplace thread and it showed a message of awaiting moderation (or something along those lines).

The only other thread that I had that came back with a moderation flag was a also a marketplace one, but then it appeared that no one was ultimately notified about it. I wonder whether it was because the post is very long (a long list of things for trade/sale)

what criteria evokes a need for moderation, (i.e. some sort of character limit that I've gone over)?

How long does the process take and how do we know if we have been unsuccessful? Just because last time it turned out the moderation flag didn't actually trigger anything to inform the mods/admins and so is there a way that posters can know where things are up to?

Is there a way to raise a query with mods/admins about technical aspects like this, or is it best just to post a new topic?


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